Friday, February 6, 2009

A Narration Lesson

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After having read this story from Deputy Headmistress, I vowed to myself that I will step up my efforts to have my children practice more narration.

So, I called everyone to the table and this is how our lesson proceeded:

Me: "I am going to be calling on different children throughout our reading of The Railway Children this morning. Pay attention, because when I call your name, you will summarize what I have read so far."

(MaddieLynn raises her hand.)

Me: "Yes?"

MaddieLynn: "We need to pick up my artwork from the Stock Show or they will throw it away when the Stock Show is over"

Me: "Isn't that something we can talk about later? Let's get on with our reading." (Mom reads two sentences.)

Son interrupts: "Mommy?"

Mom: "Is this important?"

Son: "Mike (the dog) has bad earwax. Can I get a tissue?"

Mom: (sighing)"Yes, but DO NOT interrupt me again!" (Mom reads a whole two paragraphs!)

3 yr. old: (raising hand) "We don't talk with our mouths full."

Mom: "That's right. We also don't interrupt. Now, be quiet." (Mom continues reading and questioning.)

Son: "MOMMY!"

MOM: (gritting teeth) "I said not to interrupt me." (continues rea...)

Son: "But Mommy! The baby has poop leaking out of her diaper!"

Mom takes the baby to the bathroom to clean her while MaddieLynn carries on with the reading.

Mom hears lots of giggling and "Be quiet!" but not a whole lot of reading.

Mom comes back to read the end of the chapter and remembers why it has taken almost a year to get this book read.

Mom assigns the narration to be written since she can't remember if she has called on everyone or not and is astonished that all of them are remarkably well done!

Maybe some of this learnin' is sticking after all.


Edi said...

I tend to get frustrated when I read to the kids b/c if I stop to catch my breath or stop a little longer at the end of a sentence - the questions/comments begin! They usually are related to the story which is good and I'm glad they are interacting - but it can be hard on the reader.

Lene said...

I think it's hilarious that it was the oldest 2 that kept interrupting. I thought it was a little kid thing and they would grow out of it...apparently not.

Anonymous said...

Funny...sounds like an afternoon at our house :)

Zombiemommy said...

Sounds like a moment in our house. We started reading Daniel Boone and its not stop questions. However he is getting it and is excited to keep reading.

Anonymous said...

You already do the most important thing with your kids; you give them a lot of undivided attention.
I found it hard to read to my kids when their little brains would get so distracted. I used to sit in the hallway with a flashlight after they were all in bed, in the dark and read to them. I had their attention, and I found it very relaxing!
Suz in the Tules

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