Monday, April 7, 2008

Guess Who Lost Her First Tooth Today?

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If you know our family, you are probably doing a mental inventory of our kidlets and thinking, "Wait a minute. The only ones who haven't lost any teeth yet are the 2 year old and the 3 year old."

And you would be right.

The 2 year old had a run in with a tree this evening while we were having our semi-weekly fish fry. The tree won.

When I got to her, I saw that her mouth was very bloody and there were NO TEETH IN THE FRONT. Upon closer examination, I found that her teeth were indeed still in her mouth, but shoved so far up and into her gums, they were barely visible. Her top lip was extremely distorted by the rearranged teeth.

My husband immediately called the dentist at home, and he and a visiting uncle drove her the few blocks to the dentist's house. He stepped out onto the porch with his gloves on, while my husband held the girl, and tried to persuade the teeth to return to their rightful places.

One came right out and another is still in place, though at a very odd angle. We are to take her in during office hours for an x-ray just to make sure there is nothing broken.

The dentist said it was the worst case of a child's mouth injury he has seen in 30 years.


The Estrogen Files said...

Poor baby. I hope she's okay!

Lockwoods said...

Oh...poor thing...I will be praying for her as I'm sure she'll be hurting for a while. We've had 2 little ones knock out a tooth...both around 3 years old. You think with all I feed this crew they wouldn't need to be eating the sidewalk as well.

Liz said...

Yep we have had teeth knocked out too! Poor 10 yo DD walked around without any front teeth for about 18 months and Poor boy walked around without one for a year. The dentist said it was better to let them wait to grow in at their age but if they had lost it at 2 I think I would want a replacement! Hugs to her and her poor mommy! Elizabeth

Jenny said...

Oh, I hope she's not in too much pain. Hugs and healthy vibes and prayers coming your way. Hopefully all is well and nothing needs to be done.


Kim said...

Bless her heart! That makes me cringe, just thinking of it. Prayers that the dentist is able to bring about the necessary corrections without anymore pain.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh... poor baby.

My 6yo lost his first tooth... after running into the table. LOL Then lost his 2nd tooth the right way 2 weeks later. So -- now it's really funny looking.

But I sure am sorry about her loss... OUCH!

Harmony said...


That's really not what you want to hear when you go to the doctor/dentist..... Hope everything turns out okay!

Nikki said...

My 4 year old knocked one of her top front teeth out when she was two years old. She fell off a bed and when I picked her up, all I could see was blood and no teeth. After spitting out the blood we saw that one tooth was missing. And her teeth were so cute too. I cried like a baby. I think I cried more than she did. It just broke my heart to see her without a tooth. The dentist wouldn't do anything about it. He said to just wait until her adult tooth grew in.

I guess the good thing wasn't permanent teeth.

Hope your baby's mouth heals soon. Bless her little heart.


Holly said...

Oh no. Poor little one. :(

Aunt LoLo said...

She looks so sad! Nasty, icky tree...I hope his bark falls off where he knocked Baby's teeth out!

ymwife said...

poor kid! i hope she's feeling better.

i like the pink the best. easier to read on my computer. i'm going to get the aquarium out of the shed tonight and make sure its okay and bring it tomorrow to church. is that ok?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! :-(

A Hopeful Hollar

Nikki said...

I really, REALLY like your new look!

And poor Pigling. That is so very sad and sounds very painful. What an ordeal!

Meliss said...

I'm so sorry! I had buck teeth as a toddler because I fell down and knocked them on a table. It is hard when little ones get hurt like that.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I have gotten no emails that I can find. Try

My Pipping pulled a chest of drawers down on her face when she was two. Drove the four top front teeth up into the gum AND rearranged them so the two front teeth were where her incisors should have been, and incisors became the front teeth.

They had to be pulled. They did an x-ray and said there was no permanent damage, but her permanent teeth are, in fact, striated and discolored.

She was two when this happened, and it never affected her speech. But when she got her permanent teeth in she started to lisp! It was so cute.

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