Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let Kids Dress Themselves

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My husband is a compulsive channel flipper, so the other day I saw about 3.7 minutes of the show Super Nanny.

Have y'all seen it?

Whoa. Talk about children who need some disciplinary measures!

In the particular episode I saw a snatch of, the mother was a perfectionist and would not allow her children to dress themselves. Ever.

The Super Nanny's suggestion was that the children were misbehaving in order to maintain some level of control in their own lives.

I don't know whether her idea is right or not, but I do know that, whenever possible, I like to let my children dress themselves for several reasons.

  1. Saves time on my part.
  2. Child practices life skills.
  3. Gives the child confidence in decision making.
  4. Makes the child happy.
  5. Which makes me happy.
And when I say "whenever possible" I mostly mean when we will be spending the day at home because then I won't have any strange looks to pretend I don't see.

Today provided an opportunity to do just that and this is what my three year old came up with, completely on her own.

**"Color bookin'" is a term I was introduced to my seventh grade year. I was accused of it when I allegedly wore a mismatched outfit to school. A dear, sweet peer who was concerned with my shaky social status informed me, "GIRL! You be color bookin'!"

It's one of those terms that you can't lay your finger on, but you know it when you see it.

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Holly said...

Connie, I'm so excited about your nomination! You GO girl! :) So proud of you. :)

And...color bookin. Yes. That's exactly the term I've been looking for but have NOT been able to come up with. Until now. She's lovely. :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Color bookin'! LOVE IT! I'll have to use that one soon!


Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

We are of one mind on this one, my friend. I will insist in appropriate (read:chosen by Mom) attire for funerals. Some weddings. That's about it.

I've been known to take a firefighter/ballerina to the grocery store and I've played in the park with whatever superhero you are when you have a yellow towel diaper-pinned to the shoulders of your wrong-side-out tee shirt.

Our older kids have mellowed in their clothing choices and can be quite put-together when they decide to be. I have to hassle them about enough things, clothes just doesn't make the cut.

Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

If mine had their way, they wouldn't get dressed at all. I do find they're happier about having to wear clothes if they have some input over which clothes those are. ;)

Linda's World said...

LOL~your entry made me chuckle. Back in the 1970's I did daycare in my home and there was one little girl who was allowed to dress herself. She always wore interesting combinations of clothes. My brother & sister in law had 3 girls...she allowed them to dress themselves except on Sunday. She did not want to be embarrassed by some weird get-up they might choose for church. When my daughter was young she just automatically wore what I put out for her. I loved it but had she not...I would have let her dress herself ~ except on Sundays. Linda in rainy & windy Washington state

Debbie said...

LOVE "color bookin'". ha! I'm right here with you with my 2 girls. Mismatched but comfortable. I usually only set limits on style of clothing (no shorts in winter, etc.) even when we're going out in public. My 2 year old has been known to wear cowboy boots and tutus - but she dressed herself, so I'm good with that!

Bridgette@Fancybelle said...

I'm totally going to use "color bookin"! Great term, great post. :)

Monica said...

Love the new term....color bookin! I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it with my girls. I let them dress themselves most days as well.

Raise Them Up said...

Yes! I'm with you. In fact, I quite often don't know who I'm taking to the store with me. A construction worker? Darth Vader? or a soldier? Whoever it is, he always has on snow boots. :)

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

So cute. Love the "color bookin'" and have NEVER heard that one!

Dee said...

Sooo adorable. My son wore a soccer uniform and cowboy boots on which-ever foot he chose that day, and a superhero cape for a year straight. (even in two feet of snow!) I was mortified at the time but now that he's older I think it was cute!

Ginny said...

Hi Connie!
Congratulations on your nomination!!! Do we get to vote?
First of all, I have to say I have never heard the expression "color bookin"!
I wanted to put my 2 cents in from one of your "older" moms, who's boys are grown up & doing great in their 20's :D...on those days that I needed my sons to dress "normal", I laid out 2 outfits & let them pick which one, that way we were all happy!

steadymom said...

Your daughter's outfit is adorable! I love the confidence little people get by putting together their own outfits.


Jhona O. said...

Oh my lands...I am so guilty of this. Who knew?! I've always let my kids dress themselves. My daughter loves stripes and polka dots...guess what? She knows how to match and eventually they WANT to match. I voted for you! I LOVE YOUR BLOG and you make me smile and laugh on a daily basis.

With Joy In Jesus,
Jhona O.

Jenny said...

LOL that's cute.

Cop Mama said...

Oh, so adorable! I love how you labeled each piece of clothing in the photo. My 3 year old is just learning to dress himself too. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

GIRL! You are winnin' by a LANDSLIDE! Isn't there a place I can bow out gracefully? LOLOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Harmony said...

Heh. My little sister was known to wear dresses to gymnastics class (so modest for those forward rolls) and a sparkly gold princess tiara to school picture day. My mom says that there were already too many battles of the will in the house, so some things she just had to et slide. :-)

Jenn said...

when i.j. was a toddler he wore his blue's clues snow boots everwhere, all day, every day. wore them to bed, too. when he outgrew them i was given a pair by a friend. they were too big he wore them everywhere, all day, every day until he outgrew them. which was about two years. he still talks about how much he loved those boots and wishes he had another pair.

yes, i have heard of color bookin' and have been guilty of said phrase at times.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of color bookin' but I am totally going to let my daughter dress herself too!

Nikki said...

So funny. almost peed.

Jimmie said...

Visiting from the HSBA. Congrats. Your color bookin' made me smile. I can see the girl who said that! Going to subscribe to your feed!

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