Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is Your Dog Mentally Mature?

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We are thinking of breeding our poodle, Molly, to a Yorkshire terrier. We hope to get some cute little Yorkie Poos or Pookies or Porkies or Yorkles.

I Swag Bucked "how to determine if a dog is ready to be bred" to make sure we would choose the right time.

That's when I saw this caution:

"First and foremost, be sure that your female is both physically and mentally mature enough to be bred." (emphasis mine)
Mentally mature? A dog?

I double checked the title to be sure I hadn't accidentally searched "Pledging your daughter in an arranged marriage to a Lithuanian foreign exchange student" and sure enough someone thinks a dog should be mentally mature.

I guess now I need to find out if it is considered "mentally mature" to run out the door and down the street any time anyone so much as opens the door wider than 3 inches or pounce on fuzzy pony tail holders and throw them up in the air any time a little girl drops one on the floor.

I'm thinking no.


Pat's Place said...

Our vet suggested that our dog (completely untrainable) was not a good risk for breeding. I think that was after she had bitten the vet twice when the vet tried to stick the thermometer up under her tail (cannot blame our dog a bit, but vet seemed to take offense at that! We finally agreed because she is also a bit neurotic about some things (like going to the vet!) and we did not think those two qualities made for good puppies--no matter how mature and brilliant the "father" might be.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your dog is perfectly adorable, and raising puppies is SO much fun, but I would like to make a suggestion. If you want another dog, get one from a Rescue or the pound.
So many good dogs are being destroyed.
Suz in the Tules

Smockity Frocks said...

Suz, We don't want another dog. We want to sell 'em!

Nikki said...

lol I love your post and your comment. hahaha But in regards to your post, what exactly is a mentally mature dog anyway? =P

Shari said...

what in the world are the 'experts' going to come up with next? doggie psych evals to make sure they parent their puppies right and the runt doesnt get left out?

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