Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poor Molly

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My dog, Molly, had to get her teeth cleaned today. To do that they have to give the animal (dog, cat, whatever) an anesthesia and then scrape the stuff off of the teeth. As you may know, an anesthesia can make a dog's stomach upset. The instructions at the vet were to not let her eat or drink much today. Here is some of the conversation that I overheard after we brought her home.

"Oh, poor Molly!"

"Do you feel sick?"

"What happened to you?"

"Don't touch huw, she might fwow up!" From little sister no. 3.

"I'll get her a bowl!" From little sister no. 2.

Anyway, Molly is not feeling very good tonight, but she hasn't "fwown up" yet. That is probably because she hasn't eaten yet (to our knowledge). She won't even touch the treats that she used to dance in front of the "Doggie Basket" for, and it's a good thing that we just got her clipped because she probably won't want to get in the car for like two months now.

NOTE: The entire purpose of this post is to terrify all

Just kidding.

Poor Molly.



Nikki said...

Funny. And yet sad.

- linz - said...

Happy Birthday Madison!! Hope you had a great day! :)

Emily said...

I feel sorry for Molly.

My name is Emily. My Mom is Holly, your Mom's friend from Seeking Faithfulness.

MaddieLynn said...

Hi Emily!

Thanks for commenting! Molly is some better today. Do you have a dog?

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