Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to Climb into the Tub

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First, hitch one leg up and grab on to the side. That's it. Now puuuuullllllll...

You're halfway there. Now this part is critical. Give a cutie pie look to the big people or you risk the mission being interrupted.

Now, put one leg down in the tub, carefully steadying yourself with both hands.
Go ahead and climb the rest of the way in. Check the big people and if they are approaching, clap gleefully and smile your best smile. That usually makes them go get the camera and you will buy yourself a few more minutes of fun.

Yessssss! You're in! Now... how to get out of here...

Never mind that. I wonder what this thing does when I turn it.

--------------MISSION INTERRUPTED!-----------------------------

(Photos by MaddieLynn)


Jen said...

Too cute! Reminds me of when mine were that age! I can't believe that Michael is "finally" 15! Yikes! What happened?

Kara said...

How cute!! And I love your new look:)

Nikki said...

hehehe She is soooo cute!

Miche said...

Hahah, love it, that was great!

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