Sunday, December 14, 2008


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Sometimes I read a blogger who will admit that she is not a party person, that she prefers to avoid crowds and spend time alone.

Not this chickadee.

I am a party thrower and a party goer! Parties energize me and make me happy.

But do you know what is better than going to a party?

Going to a party where I AM THE CENTER OF ATTENTION!

My sweet friend, Michele, is throwing me a "Welcome Back" party since we have just moved back to an area where we lived years ago. YAHOO!!! I am so excited!

This will TOTALLY make up for not getting student council in high school. NOT THAT I AM STILL BITTER. You people need to let that go. M'kay?

So, if you know me and know where "Back" is and live in the "Back" area, email me for the details. The more, the merrier, I always say.

*Stalkers need not apply.


Lisa said...

I love parties also!! I'm basically throwing myself (well Paul is helping)a 40th birthday party on Saturday.

Have fun at your party!!!

the momma said...

oh that is funny! I like parties ok, but I don't love them. I enjoy throwing parties ~ but I HATE being the center of attention!!!

have fun!!

karen b said...

invite me!! invite me!!

Smockity Frocks said...

Karen, You're IN!

Holly said...

Um...that woman who does not like parties would be ME.

I like to be with friends...just not large parties.

Wish I could come to your party, though!

(What do you mean you only SOMETIMES read my blog? You're supposed to read it ALL of the time.) :)

Heather said...

I just made your mice tonight and they were so much fun!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this idea - I will do it with the children now that I know it is easy and fun and not as messy as I thought! Your idea and some leftover chocolate inspired me to creatively solve a really BIG problem - I linked to this post to give you credit for my inspiration - hope you don't mind!

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