Thursday, December 11, 2008

Be Frugal, Stay Home

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I know this has been said many times, but I am going to say it again. The best way to be frugal is to stay home.

I have reasoned that this must be true, because if you can't see what everyone is standing in line for at the mall, then you can't wish you had one too. Right?

We lived in a small town, one hour from a city with a mall, for the past six and a half years. Our little town had a Wal Mart Super Center and an Albertson's grocery store.

And that is it.

If Wal Mart didn't carry it, I didn't need it, because if you think I would pile seven children in a car and drive for an hour to then shop with them in tow, well then, you hardly know me.

Now that we have moved, we live in a small town once more, a little closer to a much larger city. Our small town has a Wal Mart Super Center, but it doesn't have a fabric department, so I was forced this week to drive to town to find some fabric for our traditional Christmas pajamas.


There is lots of... stuff in the city.

As I drove toward my destination I couldn't help thinking, "Ooooh! Garden Ridge Pottery! I haven't been there in years. LOOK at all those cars in the parking lot. There must be something I neeeeeeed there. BED, BATH, AND BEYOND!!! That is where I can find four matching comforters for the girls' room! STEINMART!!! I LOVE YOU, STEINMART!!!"

It took all my will power to drive past all those places, even though before I saw them I hadn't given a moments thought to needing anything they had.

Then, when I got to the fabric store, I noticed the ladies shopping there all seemed to have manicured nails and trendy purses and trouser jeans.

So, it got me to thinking that maybe my GINORMOUS bright floral diaper bag is just a touch past its prime. Not to mention out of season. Hello? Spring? You mean you have left me?

I did break down and buy myself a purse that doesn't scream, "SPRING!" and "I GOT THIS AT A BABY SHOWER! IT'S A GIRL!"

It did amaze me to think of all the money we can save by simply staying home.

And being out of style.

For more frugal tips, be sure to visit Biblical Womanhood.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! I too have found that staying home saves alot of money. Keeps me more content, too! Staying home kinda happened when we had our 5th child, and now we're expecting our 8th (the ages are 13, 10, 8, 7, 5, 3, almost-2, and almost-newborn). You are SO CUTE even if you don't spend megabucks on manicured nails, trouser jeans (whatever those are), and fashionable stuff.

Six Arrows said...

I could have writen your post!

We'll be staying home (as usual) for Frugal Friday!

My husband and I were just talking this evening about our VERY TIGHT Christmas budget, and we were saying how we needed to plan better for next year...and then we realized that as we were staying home picking out the next Christmas movie to watch, baking Mamaw's cookies, and having a Boardgame Day this coming Saturday with our kiddos...everyone else was out in the weather "Scrooge" shopping, and worrying about Christmas lists, and the next coolest toys for their kids!Then we decided that yes, we'd plan better next year...but we'd stick with our "untraditional" approach to the season!

Enjoy your day at home, I know we will!


Ritsumei said...

How very true. Might not hurt to turn off the stupid-box, as it's called in our house. I had it on earlier this week for a few hours while I was sick, and I noticed that not only are there a crazy lot of commercials on that thing, and it's all BUY STUFF BUY STUFF BUY STUFF sorts of commercials, but even after only a couple of hours one day we noticed a difference in Monkey's behavior. It's amazing the difference keeping that thing off makes.

Linz said...

Haha! Seriously, though I have definitely learned that living in a small town is a Very easy way to be frugal. And being too tired after school and just wanting to get back home and out of the city is also a very easy way to be frugal! :) If I'm bored here I find (at least try to find) something to do around the house that's productive, instead of window shopping or something like I did back in Colorado.

Lisa said...

I totally agree with this as well. I could never be a SAHM if we didn't live in this small town. There is not much temptation here... And if I know of a specific thing I need from the "city", I just send my mom (who lives there)!

Brooke said...

i avoid walmart for the same reason - i always leave with stuff i don't need!

Lainie said...

I couldn't agree more-- it's also the reason I don't let catalogs come to my house.

Talk about discontent! If a Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn catalog somehow make it through my "Please remove me from your mailing list" phone call they go straight into the recycle bin.

Jennifer said...

when i go shopping I find all sorts of things I need. If I stay home, then I don't realize what I "need".

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

luckly I am a home body, and I don't mind holding up in my house for weeks at a time ;-) the only problem, is that I love internet!

Amy said...

Oh AMEN sister! You are so right!

And besides... I love home. :)

Elizabeth Sue said...

I am so glad I am not the only one that feels "out of style" when I venture out into the market place. Great post!

Pat's Place said...

Yes, being in style takes lots of money. I HAVE noticed that!

Honey said...

Came over from moneysavingmom. Love this post! Very funny and oh so true!

hoganfe said...

Sooo true - great post!
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Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I just read your post about rednecks catching your food. Your little boy looks so delighted, it made me smile.
My sink used to be full of crawdads clarifying and something new was always being added to the menu at my house; wild turkey, catfish, boys were so proud! People in the city just don't know what they're missing.
And we weren't rednecks, we were Modocers from N. CA!
Suz in the Tules

Jenn said...

i am just goin' along... reading this blog ... when... i ... reaLIZED!!! YOU WERE THAT CLOSE TO ME???!!! we could have met for lunch or something!!!i am not far AT ALL from the aforementioned steinmarts and bed bath and beyond and all other places you were! also, for a great baby bag... i always got a big solid color purse from tj maxxxxx. just a thought.

Melissa said...

Thank you! ;o)

Mommy Cracked said...

This post is so timely because my husband and I were just commenting about how we haven't been on a serious shopping trip in over a year. Literally. We used to be so cavalier with our money...and now we can't. It's tough, but at least I don't have to keep up with the Jones' anymore.

Anonymous said...

So True!! So do you have a good/easy pattern for your Christmas PJ's??


Rev. K.T. said...

Thank you for posting this. I too live in a small town and homeschool my kids and when I go to the city I always feel WAY out of style! But I love the fact that here I can have time with my kids even if my clothes are like 5 years old and my kids are wearing hand-me-downs. I love that I can wear Dollar General shoes to work and no one comments. We're trying to teach our kids where true values are, and they aren't at the mall!

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