Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Huggable Memories

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I know I have blogged before about Holly's Huggable Memories, but I can't help telling you about them again.

I had an antique chenille bedspread that belonged to my grandmother that MaddieLynn had been using on the full size bed she shared with Katie Bug. It was worn in many places and eventually it had a large rip in it from little hands and feet constantly tugging at it.

I loved that old bedspread. My girls loved that old bedspread. So, I boxed it up and sent it to Holly.

Here is what she sent me in return.

Aren't those the cutest three bears you have ever seen in your entire life? Take a good look at the little guy in the center. Go on. Click to enlarge. Doesn't he look a little more, oh, I don't know, inquisitive than the others?

I think so, too. That's why we are keeping him and sending the other two to my sisters for Christmas. Shhhhhhh... Don't tell. They will be pleasantly surprised to see Grandmother's old bedspread in the form of a "Huggable Memory".

Do you have something you would like to turn into a "Huggable Memory"? I'll bet Holly could whip that right up for you just in time for Christmas.

It sure Works For Me. Be sure to check out all the other great tips at Rocks In My Dryer.


watchthesky said...

Oh.My.Word!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

Kat said...

What a sweet idea. Thank you

Jennifer said...

Oh... how sweet! I can't wait until Christmas eve when I get to open my present!!!

holly said...

awww...thank you connie! I'm glad you liked them!

I got your note...I will get back to you soon...I'm on my son's mobile... (())

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Wow, what a great idea!

Michelle said...

Those are so incredibly cute! What an awesome idea in repurposing something so special to you.


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