Friday, October 31, 2008

Conversation Redux

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Lately, I've been hearing my children having the exact same conversations with one another that I remember having when I was a child.

For example, a conversation I overheard just today was when one of them had spotted some sight, I think it was a hawk circling above the river, and pointed it out to everyone. Immediately, another child reported that they had seen that hawk first. They saw it when we had first reached the river.

Another one jumped in and said they had seen that same hawk circling yesterday, so that would mean they had actually seen it first. I couldn't help myself, so I told them that I saw that same hawk before all of them were born, so I saw it first!

I remember having a similar conversation about noticing a full moon when I was six or seven years old.

Another time, while they were watching Walker, Texas Ranger with my husband (because we have high entertainment standards) they would ask about the different characters that appeared, "Is he bad or good?"

I could hear that they were evaluating the characters by a number of standards. "He is good. See that star on his jacket?" "He is bad. See his black sunglasses?" "He is happy, so he is good."

I can remember, as a child, my mom watching "As The World Turns". (Oh, come on! You know your mom watched it, too!) I asked her if Lisa was bad or good and my mom answered that she was a little of both.

Aren't we all?

And most recently I overheard this conversation:

MaddieLynn: "Blah, blah, blah, A = Pi R squared."

Bubba: "Pie R not square. They are round."

MaddieLynn: "Hush! I am trying to get Mommy to help me with this problem. Blah, blah, blah, Pi R squared..."

Bubba: "But Pie R not square. They are round."

MaddieLynn: "MommmmmYYYYYY!"

(For more 8th grade Algebra fun see this post by MaddieLynn.)


Simple Journeys said...

Last night I turned to my son and fed him a line of something completely made up from my head. And this only purpose of this fibbing was to 'trump' something he was saying and move on.

After my mom and I looked at each other with a "where did that line just come from" look, she said, "by the way... did you read Smockity's post today?"

And we got to enjoy a laugh again together. :) Thanks for the great reading! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Amy said...

Oh no!!

Mom and I are apparently a little TOO close... I (AMY, Buffaloes & BW) wrote the above comment. I didn't know mom had been (and was still) logged in on this computer.


Kara said...

I love listening to my children talk too! Sometimes I have to try really hard to bust out laughing, and then sometimes I just do anyway:)

JenIG said...

i hope they were able to figure out who, in fact, did actually first spot the hawk because that is obviously *very* important in the over all scheme of the universe

I remember when Coie was about 10 she and her cousin getting into a fight that lasted several months about who gave who a seashell and who that seashell actually belonged to. I thought they were going to kill each other

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