Monday, October 27, 2008

French Fries and American Government

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What follows is an actual reenactment of a real conversation that took place in Smockityville.

4yr. old: MOMMMMMMMMMYYYYY!!! Bubba is stealing my french fries!

Bubba: Well, I noticed that she had more than I did, so I established a french fry tax. (steal, steal, chomp, chomp)

Mommy: Does she like it?

Bubba: No.

Mommy: That is taxation without representation. It's not fair.

Bubba: But it's fair to me. (steal, steal, chomp, chomp)

At which point the Queen Mother established a REredistribution of french fries.


Anonymous said...

Wish we could elect the Queen Mother to deal with the democrats in Congress.

Kara said...

That is really priceless!!

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