Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Help For Chlorine-Green Hair

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Have any of you noticed that your little blondies look more like little greenies after a summer of swimming?

We have some seriously seaweed colored hair this summer on a couple of our very blonde girls, so I looked around the internet for the cause and the remedy, and this is what I found.

Here are some secrets for getting rid of chlorine-green hair where I found this interesting tidbit:

Many people mistakenly think that chlorine hair results from direct exposure to chlorine.This is not the case. It's actually the heavy metals found in pool water causing the color change. The most likely heavy metal involved in this process is copper. What happens is this. The chlorine causes the hair shaft to become damaged which opens it up for exposure to heavy metals such as copper. The heavy metals can now adhere to the hair shaft and cause a color change.

I also found a list of home remedies to remove the green tint from blonde hair caused by swimming pool water.

One item I had on hand was lemon juice and it has already made a huge difference!

That is what Works For Me this week. Go to Rocks in my Dryer for more great tips.


Brenda on the S OR Coast said...

Oooo, I had a serious green hair disaster in college. I sat in a hot tub and my long, light blond, curly locks were GREEN from my shoulders down! REALLY GREEN!

I called my hair dresser, who told me to wash it with TIDE and then put conditioner on it and wrap it up and leave it over night. It worked wonders and my hair didn't seem to suffer any noticeable damage.

Aren't the side-effects of life fun?

Brenda said...

My hairdresser has also told me to rinse my hair with fresh water before and after swimming. Apparently, your hair will soak up the fresh water first.

Anonymous said...

I hear that club soda works very well, too.
Love your blog.
Sooz in NV

Muthering Heights said...

Thanks for the info!

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