Sunday, February 10, 2008


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We have recently had 2 birthdays around here.

This sweet girl is 8 years old now. She's the subject of this "Heavy" Photo Hunt. When she was born, she was very dark skinned with a head full of black hair. Since my husband was adopted and we don't know much about his birth parents, we thought that maybe we had us a Mexican baby! Eventually, though, all of her dark hair fell out and was replaced with blonde.

She is a joy to have around. Her piano teacher and her Sunday School teacher, both elderly widows who have taught many children through the years, each have said at different times, "She is the happiest child I have ever seen!"

And here is the reason we keep running out of cough drops! She is 2 years old now and is very determined, regardless of the severity of consequenses, to consume more cough drops than the rest of the family members combined.


Holly said...

They are both so beautiful! :)

Happy birthday, girls!

(And we must never, never let the little one get together with my Benjamin. That would drive up the cost of cough drops....)

A Hopeful Hollar said...

Happy birthday Cutie Pies!

Kara said...

The girls are singing Happy Birthday and Soph asked today how MaddieLynn was feeling!! We miss you guys and I still have a baby gift to deliver:)

Denise said...

A Very Happy Birthday to both of your beauties from me and my chicks!

Sileena said...

My 2 year old cries for "medis" at the slightest cough. How funny! Happy (late) birthday to two very beautiful girls.

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