Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here's Where You Pretend I Have Something to Say

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I'm off to pick apples (FOR FREE! What? You thought I would pay? Silly, silly Internet!) and I suspect I'll be busy making applesauce and such.

Because in case we survive an impending nuclear holocaust, what could be more sustaining than 27 jars of jam and scads of applesauce and dried apples?

Anyway, here are a few interesting things for you to check out.

I super sonic loved this great post from a mom of 12 in which she tells folks what she wants you to know about large families.

At Your Developing Baby is an extremely cool example of what amazing things God can do!

My friend, Deputy Headmistress, will be on the radio at 3:00 Eastern time, today.

Enjoy God's wonderful blessings today!


Shari said...

That post about large families was awesome! Developing babies in the womb are a miracle! That website shows it. Awesome to look at!

Jenni said...

Thank you so much for the sweet words! I love your site here...smocking is such a neat talent to have, and might I just say that I LOVE saying "smockity frocks" over and over again, faster and faster?

Obviously, I am easily amused.

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