Thursday, June 12, 2008

Receive a 15% Boost on Your Economic Stimulus Check!

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I noticed that Wal Mart has a banner in the store's entrance proclaiming that they will cash your economic stimulus check for free. I bet they will be happy to do that, too, since that way you are likely to spend a good bit of it before leaving the store.

If you are asking yourself, "What's in it for ME?" the answer is a big fat nothing. There is absolutely no return for your money in the above deal.

United Supermarkets, on the other hand, is offering to give customers "15% more than the value of your check" if you cash it in the store for United gift cards.

For a large family like ours, that could mean over $400 worth of free groceries! That is a great deal! Where else can you get a 15% return on your money? Everyone uses groceries, so it is definitely a winning proposition.

You can redeem all or part of your check, and the gift card may be used for any purchase, even fuel.

Unfortunately, we had already deposited our check directly into our savings account before we saw this ad in our newspaper. We seem to be narrowly missing the boat a lot, lately. Hopefully, some of you can still take advantage of this great opportunity.

Find out more details on how to receive a 15% boost on your economic stimulus check and, then be sure to check out Biblical Womanhood for more frugal tips.


Anonymous said...

I wish we had those stores around here! I am still waiting for a check.

Mom2fur said...

Well, I guess the Walmart deal is better than going to a check-cashing place, if you don't have a bank account. But I'd have to ask--if you have a job, why don't you have a bank account?
That is a nice, generous and common-sense deal at US...wish there was one around here!

BarbaraLee said...

We don't have those stores here either & we paid for a bill w/it anyway. The gov. still owes us $600 for the kids yet. I guess we are suppose to get that in July.

Lisa said...

Great tip. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Just checked out Market Streets website concerning the boost and they said that if you had already deposited your check or had it automatically deposited you could still come in and get the 15%.

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