Saturday, June 14, 2008

On Freezing Milk

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I have written before about buying cheap milk that is about to expire and storing it in the freezer. Occasionally, we find great deals on several gallons of milk that the grocery store is trying to clear out.

My husband did just that a couple of weeks ago. He came home from grocery shopping with 12 gallons of milk!

We put it all in our extra refrigerator in the garage and when we saw that we weren't going to be able to use it before the expiration date, I began putting them in the freezer.

I'm not sure how 2 gallons made it to the freezer before the rest, but it's a good thing they did. I had forgotten to open the lids and pour a little out of each gallon before freezing them. Both containers had burst open and we had a mess on our hands.

Fortunately, I was able to put the jugs in big bowls for defrosting and salvaged most of the milk.

As for the milk still in the fridge, I made sure to pour a little out of each so they would have room to expand without bursting in the freezer.

If you need to freeze milk, remember to leave a little room for the expansion that will occur during freezing.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget to shake it a bit before using. At least that is what I have found. I have been told you can freeze boiled eggs have you ever tried that?


Angela said...

What is the best way to defrost frozen milk? In the fridge it seems to take forever! BTW--we also learned the lesson of not drinking enough out before freezing!

rcsnickers said...

Thanks for explaining that. I freeze my milk and have had a few burst. I thought something in the freezer punctured the hole. I lost quite a bit of milk when I defrosted it!

I am not sure why, but when I freeze in the freezer standing up they do not burst, but when I put them in the deep freezer they burst. Do yo know why? Just coincidence, or should I still remove a little milk before freezing?

Smockity Frocks said...

Angela, I set mine out on the counter for a few hours to defrost.

Rcsnickers, hmmm... I don't know why one would burst and one wouldn't. I would just pour some out each time.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming in here a bit late after this was posted, but I had to throw in my 2 cents... I freeze milk as well. To thaw, I just let it sit in the sink, and that way the condensation doesn't dribble all over the counter. (Annoying) Whole homogenized milk will separate a bit, but if you shake it before you pour any out, there's no difference to me in taste or texture. It usually takes about a full day to thaw in the sink for a gallon of milk.
I don't worry about keeping it cool, because there is a large chunk of frozen milk in the middle... By the time it goes into the refrigerator, it's mostly thawed, and finishes off in there.

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