Friday, August 17, 2007

Buying Milk

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We go through about a gallon of milk each day around here. So we have been very aware of the rising milk prices. It has recently been as pricey as $3.99/gallon at the grocery store we frequent.

Occasionally, the grocery store will be getting rid of milk that is near its expiration date. They can be as low as 99 cents a gallon. I snatch these up and freeze them to use as needed. I just take one out to thaw in the fridge a couple of days before I will be needing it.

There is a gas station in town, though, that advertises milk every day for $2.99. I try to buy it there whenever I can to save a few bucks.

Also, I keep dry milk in my pantry to use for baking. Whenever a recipe calls for milk, I use the dry milk and save the "real" milk for drinking. If the recipe calls for buttermilk, I just add 1 tsp. of vinegar, 1/3 cup of dry milk, and enough water to make a cup. I leave it for about 5 minutes, and wah-lah! Buttermilk.

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Nikki said...

Great tips! The rising milk prices have encouraged us to use more non-fat dry milk. I've never tried it as a buttermilk substitute though. I'll have to remember that.

Anonymous said...

oh i wish milk was that cheap here! it's $6 a gallon here at some places but over $4 everywhere!! no sales ever!

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

WHAAAAT!? (I wish I knew how to make that bug eyed smiley.) That price is outrageous!

Kara said...

I was just noticing the different prices of milk at the stores here. I paid 4.50 for a gallon the other day and got home and realized I had left it in the bottom of the cart. Of course it was 100 outside and if I had driven 20 minutes back to town it would have been spoiled for sure so we went without milk for a few days:(

karen b said...

good tip about the buttermilk -- i always hate buying some for a recipe, then throwing the rest away

javamama said...

Thanks for the tip!! I am going to get some dry milk for cooking... we are big milk or chocolate milk drinkers here.

JOYfully in Him,

Laane said...

I do the same.
All supermarkets here cut down the prizes one hour before closing on saturdays on al fresh products.
So we get vegetables, fish, meat, everything for very low prizes.

I'll freeze what we don't need.

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