Sunday, March 16, 2008

Give That Photo a Name!

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I had to grab the camera when I was walking by a chair in the living room and saw this:

That's a cheeseburger. In a doll's mouth. (Don't try to hide your jealousy over my madd photography skillz.)

So, I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun (and oh-so-original) to have a photo naming contest? Yes? That's exactly what MY answer was!

Whoever comes up with the most clever caption for this photo will win a $500 Sears gift card. Actually, that's not true at all. I just made that last part up. If I had a $500 Sears gift card, I'd spend it myself, but whoever comes up with a clever caption will get a good feeling inside.

That's what I tell my kids when I tell them to do something and they ask, "What will we get?"

And on a totally unrelated note...

Speaking of hair... What? You didn't know we were speaking of hair? Well that's the way we do it around here. We just say, "Speaking of heretofore unspoken of subject..." and then we start speaking of heretofore unspoken of subject.


Speaking of hair, our 2 year old has a head full of thick, beautiful hair in more abundance than any of our others have had at that age. When she wakes up, whether it is from a full night of sleep, or just from a nap, this is what her hair looks like:

Every. Single. Time.

That is known as a Bad Hair Experience, friends. (Click on the picture to get The Full Experience.)

If your hair doesn't look like this when you wake up, that's just one more reason to count your blessings.


Liz said...

How about "Stuffed Cabbage!"

How come it is easier for me to come up with a name for your photos and not the other ones, maybe your subject matter is quite near to my heart and well, I just don't know cowboys!


Ruthanne said...

Connie, you're a nut.

I have no ideas for the caption but am just enjoying the picture. And your daughter's hair... oh, that is so funny! "Bless her little heart" (said in a Southern drawl).

~ Ruthanne

Edi said...

If you hadn't told me I would have thought the 2nd pic was also a pic of a doll. That definitely looks like my dd's doll's hair.

Holly said...

My hair DOES look like that. Only it's not so cute on me.

JennyCash said...

for some reason, the phrase "CheekyBabyGorgeBurger" comes to mind???

Amy D said...

What a great post! Thanks for the double laugh. :) Our 4 yo DS gets some pretty major 'bed head'... he just has less hair. :)

As far as the photo.. "stuffed cabbage" was pretty funny!
It made me think of the Veggie Tale's song: "Cuz you're his cheese-bur-gurrrrr!" :)

Lockwoods said...

Stuffed Cabbage is perfect! The only thing that I came up with is "Where's the beef?"

Jenn said...

where'd you find that picture of me???!!! i'm outraged!

in our house that lovely hair-do is called "some SERIOUS bedhead"

Thehotrod5 said...

LOL I like Stuffed Cabbage...also about the hair...yeah I understand....



Anonymous said...

How about "HAMMING IT UP" for a caption?

Oh, and as for that "serious bedhead", as another commenter put it, that's nothing compared to my sister's hair. I think. Or is it mine? :)

-Christine from Arizona

Brenda said...

I couldn't even tell which way she was looking. I finally decided I was looking at the back of her head. Is that right?

There must be a special shampoo for that. I found one for my 8 year old that actually said, "Anti-Poof" on the bottle. I so bought it!

Sileena said...

I am laughing. Out loud. Cuz those two pics are soooo cute and totally unrelated! Hilarious.

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