Monday, March 17, 2008

That's Hilarious!

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Piccolina has a strange sense of humor. She says plain, ordinary things and then starts cracking up laughing about them. Like this one: "Dead chicken in the road, bock bock bock! That's hilarious! Hahahahehehehohoho!" Except she says "hilarious" like "a-le-wee-us". Then she'll say, "You know why that's so a-le-wee-us? 'Cause dead chickens can't say 'bock bock bock'! Hahahahahehehehehohohoho! That's a-le-wee-us!"

While this is going on, all of us are staring at each other with slightly, well, worried looks on our faces. Except for the Pigling. She looks very worried. She must think she lives with a bunch of weirdos or something.

(Nothing could be further from the truth.)

And then we all start cracking up laughing. Even though it's not really that a-le-wee-us.

Anyways, Brian Regan makes really hilarious videos.

I mean it.

Here is our favorite one.

See? Isn't that a-le-wee-us?

And I'll bet that after it was over, you watched it again.


Nikki said...

Oh, MaddieLynn, you win! That's the first time I've ever spit chewed up Cheez-its from my mouth on my keyboard.

And yes, I watched it twice. Can't wait to show Danny!

MamaJ said...

Oh my! That WAS a-le-wee-us!! Thank you Maddie Lynn.

Melkhi said...

Bummer. Every time I click, it says "Error. Not Found."

Brenda said...

Oh great. I can't think of enough ways to waste time so now I have to go look up more of his videos b/c that was TOO funny!

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