Saturday, September 22, 2007

We Have a Winner!

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**Updated to add a biology lesson.

The random commenter drawn from the "Name That Baby" contest is Katie. She suggested the name Allison, which is a beautiful choice that we are still considering.

Since Katie doesn't have a blog, I'll be waiting for her to contact me with the info for sending her prize. If Katie doesn't reply by next Saturday, September 29, I'll draw another name. After that, I will be mailing the prize just as quick as I can, which will be, you know, as soon as I have a free moment.

Please, allow 7 - 10 days for said free moment to occur.

In related news, the winner for the most original suggestion is the name Medulla Oblongata, which was sent in by Tooz. (Is it just me or does Medulla Obongata sound like a breast pump for women with a particular deformity?) The prize for Tooz is the knowledge that she cracked up our entire family, which I'm sure she will treasure for years to come.

Unless, of course, Tooz was serious. In which case...


I'm speechless.

**This just in: My husband informed me that the Medulla Oblongata is a body part. Who knew? Here is the official information from Wikipedia:

By anatomical terms of location, it is rostral to the spinal cord and caudal to the pons, which is in turn ventral to the cerebellum.


Heather said...

Allison is a sweet name too! Baby naming is so exciting - and so important. Since names are so significant to God in Scripture, they must be something we should pray for direction with also. We feel like He specifically gave us the names for our two children - names that have spiritual meaning and family connection are really special. Enjoy this special time! Blessings!

A Hopeful Hollar said...

Your Blog is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Great choice.

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