Saturday, September 22, 2007


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Does anyone notice anything different around here?

I absolutely lu-HUV my new header up there. Just look at those adorable letters. And the polka dots! How cute is that?

The reason I can go on and on about it is that I had absolutely no hand in the making of it, and you will never guess in a million years who made it for me.

SHANNON! Yes, The Rocks in my Dryer, Shannon!

I'll bet you're wondering how it came about that Shannon, the homecoming queen of Bloggity High School, the head cheerleader of Mommy Blogs, would come to remake the header of my blog.

Well. Let me tell you.

It is because she took pity on me. Plain and simple. Because if she is the head cheerleader/homecoming queen, then that would make me something like the vice president of the snack committee.

For the Spanish Club.

But, that makes no difference to my friend, Shannon. No ma'am! She came right to my aid because we are like THAT! (I'm crossing my fingers.) That's right. We go waaaaay back.

To the beginning of this year.

She actually links to my blog about once a week. Yup, most every Wednesday, sure as shootin', there'll be my name. And I'll never forget the time that we emailed each other 4 times in one day! Oh, and there was this one time that she commented on my blog.

She is one of my peeps, my posse. We are tight!

Okay, I've never actually met her in person or heard her actual voice. Wait! There was that short video clip she put on her blog once. Does that count?

In any case, isn't she great to help a girl out?



Melissa Markham said...

It looks great! Shannon did a wonderful job!

Laura in KY said...

Very nice! I'm getting rather bored with my template also. Maybe I'll ask for a new template design for my Christmas present. lol!

Heather said...

Very lovely - a refreshing change! You are blessed to have such a talented friend!

April C. said...

I've noticed something different, where are you and your little one in the picture of your family? Is it just me or is part of your picture missing? It's been like this for a few days now. Other than that, the new header looks great :-)

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

Thank you, ladies!

April, I changed the picture. Thanks for letting me know. It wasn't showing up cut off on my computer, but hopefully this one will be a better fit.

Nikki said...

So jealous. I am but a nerd in the Bloggy High School.

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