Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cutting Hair

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No one in my family pays to get their hair cut. I cut everyone's, including my own.

I know what you're thinking, "Why, Myfriendconnie, but your hair looks stunningly mediocre!"


Isn't it great that I can achieve that for free?!

My husband and son like their hair very short, which I can cut very quickly with one of those clipper sets I picked up for about $20 at WalMart. Which, incidentally, is about the cost of one haircut.

All of my girls have long hair that I keep trimmed straight across in the back. It's very simple really. I just make sure I only cut a little at a time. I can always take off more if it is uneven.

For my own hair, I found this site to be very helpful. Since my hair is wavy, I like to keep it layered, and little imperfections don't show.

I layer it by turning upside down and gathering it all in a high pony tail on top of my head. Then, while upside down, I just cut the pony tail straight across the top. Not too much, though! A little bit at a time, then check, then go back to trim more if needed, is the best way to go about it.

I figure that we would spend literally hundreds of dollars a year if we all went to salons to get our hair cut. Even those discount hair cutting places would add up for 8 people several times a year. Doing it myself saves a bundle!

Head on over to Biblical Womanhood for more great frugal tips.


Lockwoods said...

I'm not being a follow the rules type of gal and all...Is it right for me to read a "Frugal Fridays" post that shows up on THURSDAY? :)
Amen on the do it yourself hair cuts. My dh cuts my hair and our 3 daughters (we all have long hair, so it is just a trim every now and then) and I cut the boys hair. I line them up, cut all 8 of them (7 chitlins, 1 Daddy) all the same style, VERY short on the sides and back...little longer on the top so it can comb...and can do it all in less time than it would take for us to just get into the car to go to a barber!

Kara said...

You do a great job. I'm only brave enough to cut hubby's hair. But maybe I'll try the girls if they aren't too scared of their Momma with the scissors:)

Melissa Markham said...

Thanks for the tip! Now that Katrina and I are both letting our hair grow out, our hair cutting needs have definitely changed! Her hair is wavy, so I appreciate the tip on how th handle that:)

Laura in KY said...

We cut all of our hair also. The boys are pretty easy... used to do buzz cuts and some I'm experimenting with the bowl/soccer cut for them. For the girls, I do the same as you ~ cut across the bottom. Then my hubby cuts my hair straight across also!

julie p said...

I've been cutting my Dh's hair since we were married (10 yrs)and the boys since birth. There really isn't much too it provided they sit still, keep their head up and don't cry (the hair sticks to the tear tracks).
Only one major mishap, when hubby fixed clippers and forgot to put the guard back on and I shaved a bald stripe up the front side of his head --- YIKES. I laughed, he hollered (politely). We fixed it all, with a really short haircut and some black waterproof mascara for about two weeks.
Thankfully he still loves me and continues to let me save money and cut his hair.
With all we save, I can afford to have a friend cut mine.

Mom2fur said...

I tell you, once in my life I had the best haircut. I should have taken a picture because, of course, I never was able to get it cut that way again. The few times I've gone to a salon, I haven't exactly hated the cut...I just didn't like it. It wasn't 'me.' And really, can we ever duplicate at home what's done at a salon? I love this website. I'm going to try that V cut for myself, since I often cut my own hair. Hey, it ain't stylish...but at least it's free, LOL! (And I think your hair looks nice!)

Lockwoods said...

I really like the new look of your blog! Very clean and easy to read!

karen b said...

connie, i enjoy reading your frugal tips. you are such a good example of how to live within your means, even with a large family. good for you!!

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

Thanks, everyone!

Julie, I think my husband would have hollared, too!

Holly said...

I cut everyone's hair in our family too. I don't think that we could afford to take everyone to the barber or stylist's - or afford the time!

I cut my own hair for ages, then really messed it to a stylist for a time. It was so expensive, that I started doing it again. I have short hair right now, so it is actually very easy.

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