Thursday, July 26, 2007


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I have great news, everyone! I have it on good authority that the baby I am carrying is a boy.

You might be thinking that I must have had one of those fancy, high tech, 4D sonograms, but oh no. This here is the method used Back In The Day to determine a baby's gender.

You see, today, I ran into a sweet, elderly lady from church, and SHE said that she is positive I am having a boy. How does she know? You ask.


According to this lady, if you are having a boy, you get bigger in the BEE-hind. No, not "behind". Say it with me now. BEE-hind.

This is Texas, y'all. You have to know where to place your emphasis.


Anyway. Wasn't it sweet of her to point out that I'm looking, you know, larger than life? What a relief. Here I was thinking that someone had strapped a fanny pack on me without my knowledge. It's good to know that it is just a boy. A very robust baby boy.

And can I just observe that I must walk around with a look on my face that compels people to tell me exactly what they think about me, from my lifestyle to my reproductive habits to my BEE-hind? Where can I learn the look that says, "I want to be friendly, but please hold back. I can't take too much honesty."?

I told her that, interestingly, I always get bigger in the BEE-hind, and I have had 5 girls.

She didn't care. She is sure that this time it is a boy. Judging from the BEE-hind method, and all.


Tracy said...

Connie, That's so funny. Well, probably not to you, but I got big in the BEE-hind too.

Amy said...

LOL! What a helpful lady...I have 5 girls as well and got bigger there too. With my boy, I got big all over.

I'm not sure what it is about pregnancy that brings these comments out in people.

kerri @ gladoil said...

Well, at least the Be-hind looks normal large-mine all goes to the front. :)

That's so funny. Nobody in the NW would say such a thing. They just pat your tummy. And ask if you might be planning to have any MORE.

- me - said...

LOL! that's a classic. :) and honestly i haven't noticed the BEE-hind or anything. you look great! :)

and if you ever learn that look please let me know! ;)

A Hopeful Hollar said...

I'm laughing...loudly!!!

Holly said...

Okay. THAT is TOO funny!!!!

As I was reading, I was thinking...

But I ALWAYS get bigger in the BEE-Hind. I spend my first six months just looking like I'm gaining lots of weight....not really a tummy - I could deal with that. People would look at me and instantly tell that I was expecting, so the weight gain was normal. But no. I just look like I'm getting fat all over.

SWEETHEART! (()) Sorry about her bee-hind comment. I'm sure you look very fine!

And I'm not bitter that I didn't win the bonnet. Really.

Dave and Shellie said...

Hey Connie... I am sooo happy you got a boy that you are carrying right now and I absolutely sure Jackson would be sooo happy to have baby brother. We will see you soon in some day and God knows when. God is the one who guide everyone gather to be together as God's people family as brothers and sisters. I miss you and I love you sister!! Love Sister, Shellie

The Estrogen Files said...

(snorting laughter)! Glad to know that someone can tell from your butt, huh?

Kathie said...

Having been raised in the South, the lady and her comment sounds normal to me. I had 4 girls before finally having a boy. He was the last one. Now I understand why I got(and still have) a bee-hind. What a hoot!
Blessings from Costa Rica

Nikki said...

That is so hilarious! How did I miss this post?

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