Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mother's Helper

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Our Sweet Baby just turned 18 months old. She is already so anxious to be a big girl and help out Mommy like the other children. Here she is helping to load the dishwasher.

Everyone likes to help shuck the corn whenever we have fresh corn on the cob. Sweet Baby is ready for the task.

As soon as The Bubba took out the trash, Sweet Baby rushed to fill the trash can with bags, just like she has seen done before. Well...maybe not just like it.

Children are, indeed, a blessing from the Lord!


Tracy said...

I love little helpers! How sweet of her!

Grace said...

How sweet! She's precious. :) Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my drawing! :)

kerri @ gladoil said...

Yes, they are a blessing, every one. Congratulations on your new little one. I just read your comment @ Carmon's and I just felt I wanted to encourage you. When my older children were smaller and I didn't have built in babysitters I felt the biggest burden of having a large family was the comments people made. It's so terribly sad. But there are still many cheering you on and I pray God will send some cherring comments your way next time you go out! :)

The Estrogen Files said...

How sweet she is - and what a helper!

Jennifer Meachem said...

wow! she's really beautiful. i got your sweet offer/note on my page. that is sooooo nice of you. thanks so much and i will be in touch when we figure things out a little more. it would be so nice to actually meet you face to face after "knowing" you all these years! LOL!

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