Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Bonnet Goes To....

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Before I announce the winner of this bonnet, I would like to thank all of you who participated and particularly those who flattered me with comments like, "You are so talented." or "I love your blog." Nikki wins the flattery contest with, "You are the Queen!" but, alas, there is no prize in the flattery division. (Although, maybe Nikki could arrange to call me every morning and repeat those words. Oh, wait. That would be a prize for me, not Nikki. Never mind.)

Honestly, it was hard to draw a random winner because some of you were so persuasive with your stories of how you would adorn your newborn baby's head with the bonnet, or how you are a grandmother who would like the bonnet for your first granddaughter, or you know just the perfect person to receive it as a gift.

Thankfully, my sweet husband took the burden from me and worked out some elaborate algorithm with dice that involved division and borrowing. (Don't ask.) He came up with a winning number and I counted the comments to conclude that the bonnet goes to....


She didn't list a blog, so I have emailed her with the details of how she can receive her prize. If she is unable to fulfill her duties as Winner of the Bonnet, then, my husband will roll and divide and carry and figure again to choose a first runner up Miss Winner of the Bonnet.

Thank you again for all the entries and the kind words.


(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

So sorry I missed your really great contest~there were just sooo many to get to! LOL! You DO have a really great blog, and I LOVE that little apron pictured up there~only I want one for BIG MAMA! (((((HUGS)))))) sandi

Laane said...

I tried to enter, but I'm not even sure it worked, because the connection was so bad.

I'm happy for Alex. The bonnet is so very lovely.

Thank you for participating. It was fun!

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