Monday, April 9, 2007

100 Things

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Since this is the 100th post, we decided to do 100 things about us.

Me (MaddieLynn)

10 places I've been:

*Six Flags Over Texas
*Pinehurst, North Carolina
*Atlanta, Georgia
*Disney World, Florida
*Point Clear, Alabama
*Antlers, Oklahoma
*Ft. Phantom, Texas
*Vicksburg, Mississippi
*Galveston, Texas
*San Diego, California

10 things I enjoy:

*Collecting model horses

10 things I want to do:
*Get a horse

*Breed rabbits
*Move to the country
*Throw away my logic book
*Build a large snail habitat
*Breed my dog
*Take horse-back riding lessons
*Take a cake-decorating class
*Play soccer
*Get a horse!

10 favorite books (or book sets):
*The Bobsey Twins
*The Elsie Dinsmore Books
*Books by Marguerite Henry
*Books by Walter Farley
*The Nancy Drew books,
*The Hardy Boy books
*The Trixie Belden books
*The Anne of Green Gables books
*Little House books
*Little Britches books.

Uuuummmmm....... I think I'll let Mymomconnie write 60 things instead of 50. I could write "Get a horse" 10 more times, but that would be kind of boring.


10 things I enjoy:
*having company

10 things I want to do:
*sing well
*keep my house clean
*be more patient
*stop interrupting
*fish MaddieLynn's logic book out of the trash
*take a cake decorating class with MaddieLynn
*move to the country
*meet my children in heaven
*see my children at the ocean for the first time
*encourage others

10 favorites:
*color - pink
*snack - pickles
*drink - vanilla Dr. Pepper
*food - Tex Mex
*season - spring
*weather - warm
*book of the Bible - Psalms
*books - nonfiction
*song - church songs
*place - home

10 things I know:
*Given the opportunity, a 2 yr. old will lose at least 1 shoe per day.
*Taking wipes out of the box is lots of fun for a 1 year old.
*When marking his territory, a male dog will consider a new purse part of that territory.
*Throwing away a new purse is painful.
*If 2 socks are the same color, they are a pair.
*When dirty socks are found on the floor, they will not belong to anyone living in the house.
*Socks should not be worn in summer.
*God is magnificent.
*I am imperfect.
*Jesus saves.

20 random facts about me:

1. I find it difficult to think of so many things to say about myself.

2. I wore braces on my legs when I was young.

3. I still have my tonsils.

4. I never went to the same school for more than a year until 7th grade.

5. I went to a new school after 8th grade.

6. My hair was very blonde as a child.

7. My daddy used to call me "Cotton Top."

8. I have never been outside of North America.

9. I have no desire to leave the U.S.

10. I have been on The Price is Right.

11. I have ugly feet.

12. All feet are ugly feet.

13. Don't touch me with your feet.

14. If I ever run into you at the fillin' station or something.

15. And you're barefoot.

16. I know lots of words to Johnny Cash songs

17. I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

18. See?

19. This list is way more difficult than I thought it would be.

20. I think self examination is over rated.


Zeren said...

Hey, Connie!! You guys look so cute in your pjs!! Congrats on being an "official" blog! 100 posts, yay!! It will be a looooonngg time before I make it there! I wanted to ask, how did you do the marble eggs? I tried to copy you, but they all came out kinda brown looking.....whoops! Thanks for the info! Have a happy week!

- linz - said...

COngratulations on your 100th post!! David has lots of favorite songs but one of his favorite is "10,000 Angels" (especially the chorus I think). Thanks for being so thoughtful Madison!! Hope you all are having a fantabulous day! :)

Myfriendconnie said...

Zeren, I put vegetable oil in some of the coloring cups and it kept the dye from sticking to parts of the eggs. Did you click on the link? It gives detailed directions. Hope you have a great week, too!

Linz, Thanks!

Holly said...

You are very funny... :)

but you are so wrong. Feet are cute! :)

Nikki said...

No Holly, feet are gross. Not as gross as snails mind you, but gross. I never met a cute foot.

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on the feet thing. And the Johnny Cash thing. I was just today watching videos of him performing (on YouTube-they have one somebody filmed of one of his very last performnances before he died. It was heart-wrenching!).

Revee said...

Connie, I really enjoyed reading this post! It's fun to know a bit more about you and your daughter. :) I'm still catching up on reading blogs but the answer to your question about why my blog is "older than the cheese" is here:

You'll probably have to cut and paste. Sorry!

sara - The Estrogen Files said...

ROTFL!! Love the 20 random observations! Congrats on the 100 posts. Keep up the great work.

And yes, all feet are ugly. Unless they are baby feet and brand new without that "feet" smell.

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