Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dolls and Make-up

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We just had The Pig Party and the birthday girl's present from Mymomconnie and Mydadmark didn't get here in time. It got here yesterday and there was plenty of commotion. There always is when we get a package that isn't a golf club or something of that sort. I take that back. There always is. No matter what the package is. Anyway, it got here, and here it is.

Her name is Elizabeth Lily. She is a Beautiful Girlhood Collection doll, and there is one happy little girl at our house. Actually, there are five happy little girls and one happy little boy, but this particular little girl is happier than all the rest. Right now she is cutting out doll pajamas.

That was the doll section of the post. Here is the make-up section. As you may know from this post, our toddlers love to get into make-up. We probably have more stories of it than anyone on the block. Once when Adrienne was little, she was found with an empty lipstick tube. Thorough search revealed 1/3 of the contents in her hair and 2/3 of the contents in her stomach. Miraculously, she was not harmed. Once, (many times actually) this happened with Katherine.

I'm sure that a big monster snatched her up, smeared her with lipstick, face cream, and who knows what else. Or else it threw up on her. We'll never know.


*Postscript by Myfriendconnie
As this was being written "Makeup Girl" was found to have lots of "coconut lime verbena shimmer lotion" on her face, hands, and especially in her hair.


Nikki said...

hehe. Great post. I still remember when I was probably eight and my youngest sister was three how mad I was when she got into my lip gloss and spread it all over our bedroom mirror. And all my mom had to say was, "What do you expect? She's three. Don't leave your stuff out."

So now I don't even let my children know where my makeup is. And the location could change at any time. And here's hoping my little Gabby, who's three (who reminds me so much of my youngest sister), doesn't find it. :)

Holly said...

What a blessed little girl...wouldn't you have just loved to have a doll like that when you were little? :)

We have had a couple of make-up thieves, at our place, too. Just yesterday, I decided to hang my make-up bag up really, really high. And my husband and I discussed how we would someday build a home with a couple of REALLY TALL cabinets with locks. Not locks with keys, mind you, but with combinations, so only we could know. In it, we would store all manner of contraband like...scissors, tape, and make up. :)

Ah. Life with kids. :)

p.s....i loved the jingle bell inside the medicine bottle idea. That is GREAT! :)

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