Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mount Laundry

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You probably think this is a post about having a veritable "mountain" of laundry to do, which I do, but we are very literal people, so this is a post about an actual mountain of laundry.

I'll blame it on The Pig Party if you back me against a wall, but I have a *lot* of laundry to catch up on. Remember, we are a family of 8 with a recently-potty-trained-doesn't-always-make-it-in-time 2 yr. old and our youngest member sometimes going through several changes of clothes each day. (She hasn't quite mastered the "food and drink go directly into the mouth" routine, yet.)

So, I ask my 5 year old to please get all the laundry and pile it in front of the washer. I'm thinking this will motivate me to wash and wash and wash until I wash that laundry right outta my sight, since I can see it, and it isn't hiding in various hampers and baskets and, OK, the floors around the hampers and baskets, if you must know.

I saw her making several trips back and forth, diligently carrying loads and loads of laundry to the pile. As I was busy with dinner, I noticed that a small crowd had gathered at the pile, and lots of fun was being had. She had actually fashioned a mountain out of the laundry that reached all the way to the top of the washer. I'm not talking about one of those Play Skool kiddie laundry sets, either. I mean our actual grown up washer.

Oh, the joy that can be found in the simple things! Such laughing and squealing I heard as each one, in turn, climbed to the top of the mountain and jumped off. One of them suggested that a picture should be taken, "So Mommy could post it on her blog." "No," another one said, "That would be airing our dirty laundry, and we don't do that."

Oops, looks like I just did!

*Prologue -- You'll be relieved to know the mountain is now a mole hill. Now, if I could get motivated to put away all those clean clothes, we'd actually be getting somewhere.


Nikki said...

This bright a smile to my face on this laundry-filled Monday morning. Good for you for reducing it! We unfortunately (someone in particular who's not me) have a bad habit of pulling the bibs and food-soaked clothes off the children straight from the scene of the crime (table) and leaving a pile under or close-by the highchair. Then there's also the pile of dish towels and washcloths and yucky bibs in the kitchen waiting to go down to the laundry room.

But, alas! You've inspired me. I'm going to at least get them all into the laundry room now!

Sara said...

Yes, I have this mountain, too, and there are only 6 of us. So, I guess I'd better at least SORT it today...

karen b said...

is it flylady that calls that "mount washmore?"

Honey said...

We have a mountain too, and just 2 little boys. ;) It's getting better. This time I can blame it on the tummy bug.

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