Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not Me!

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I am a very responsible and conscientious parent.

When it is a frigid 28 degrees on an early January Sunday morning, I make sure all my children have their coats before we load up to head to church. I am so attentive that when we get there I certainly would NOT allow my five year old to leave hers on her seat, exit the car, and make the long walk from the packed parking lot without her coat.

Not me! That would be irresponsible parenting!

I am also so conscientious that I would never allow my children to pack themselves for an out of town trip and when we got to our destination and one of them had forgotten a toothbrush, I certainly would NOT tell them to just use mine!

Not me! That would be unsanitary!

I would also never procrastinate so much that I would be sewing the last of seven sets of Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Not me! That would be adding stress to an already stressful time of year.

What about you? What have you NOT done recently?

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Chick Hatchers said...

Your coat story reminds me of fall 2008 when we drove 90 minutes to go apple picking and camping. We are out in the middle of nowhere, not a store within 30 minutes. My (at the time) 2-1/2-year old gets out of the van without shoes. Looking frantically through the mess of kid stuff in the van, we find no shoes. "Did you have shoes when you walked from the house to the van?" led to a cute "no, mommy." Great. No shoes. At least it was warmer than this year and not too muddy. Barefoot apple picking. Barefoot raspberry picking. And she didn't get stung - yeah! On the way back we stopped at Dollar General and picked up a $2 pair of shoes before heading back to the campground for the weekend. Ah. Memories!

texasweethearts said...

I don't know where else to ask, but I have been following your blog for a while, like your opinions BTW and wanted to know, are you pregnant? You have a ticker at the bottom but haven't seen a post about that! Nosey, and wanted to know...LOL

Keowdie said...

Wellll, I am certainly NOT the kind of mother who would have her 7 year old son walk out to the car with one shoe on & one shoe in his hands to run errands without a coat in 30 degree temperatures.
Because I would certainly NOT find just an eensy bit of satisfaction in allowing this to be the natural consequence of lollygagging when told to get ready to leave. No sir, that would NOT be me. (HOWEVER, guess who hasn't lollygagged around when told we are leaving in 10 minutes regardless of everyone's state of readiness...)

Meagan said...

Nope, Santa's helper would definately not be sewing up the gift from santa on Christmas eve, and definately would not have forgot to lock the bedroom door. The little one would definately not walk in in the middle of it. And the next morning the same little one definately would not tell me that she believes in mommy and daddy, not santa. Oh well, I didn't want to have to break the news to her in later years, so our four year old already knows it is all for fun. Yahoo!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i would never get to church and realize my daughter was not wearing tights in 16 degree weather. i was not tempted to be late for church so i could run and buy her some. i am not that full of pride

Smockity Frocks said...

Texas Sweethearts, Yes I am expecting our 8th, another girl, due on our 25th wedding anniversary.

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Ha ha. I have never gotten to a store and pulled a child out of the car only to discover just socks on their feet.

When my mom had cancer my dad got all 5 of us children to a school Christmas play only to discover that the 2 year old had no shoes and no coat. Temp? below freezing. I'm sure he got a complete pass however, I mean, wife in the hospital with cancer, new "just out of the hospital" pre-term baby and 4 other children. He had a lot on his mind.

texasweethearts said...

Thanks for letting my wondering mind know- I have three girls and last year we had a boy. it's kind of wierd how things work out so different for everyone, but I know God knew I'd need three helpers..he's a handful! Congrats!!!

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