Saturday, January 16, 2010

Favorite Toys

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Here are a couple of my favorite toys from this year's Christmas extravaganza.

This tracing toy is very helpful to my newly turned 4 year old. When a letter is pressed, the screen lights up with dots for the child to trace to make the letter and a voice prompts the child to begin tracing, repeating what the letter is. The dots then disappear and the child can see the letter she made all by herself. Very nifty!


These crayons were a gift to the same child as above, but all the kids are loving them. They mark easily on windows and wipe right off with a damp cloth.

Here are a few of the windows that have been colored around here recently.

Or in the case of an imaginative 2 year old, you can give yourself a facial.

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Carri said...

Those are some nifty toys, but I must admit I want the window crayons for myself they look awesome. Thanks for sharing this find I will definitely be looking for them next time I am at the store. Come check out my blog

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