Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Read the Bible in 90 Days

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Have you ever read the Bible? I mean the entire Bible?

I am sad to say that I have not. Every year around January 1, I plan to, but then somewhere around Second Chronicles, I fade out.

But that is about to change, friends! I have been invited by Mom's Toolbox to participate in The Bible in 90 Days program and I would like to invite you to join me. Won't you? We can encourage one another to complete our daily assignments and congratulate one another when we reach the finish line!

If you choose to accept this challenge, head on over to Smockity Reviews and Giveaways to see how to win the materials to make the journey a little smoother. 

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Lene said...

I started in July and did very well for the the first while. I got bogged down in Isaiah and and am now stuck in Jeremiah. I would like to at least finish. I really enjoyed reading it that way.

lois said...

I am 47, and have read my Bible through at least once every three years since I was 15 years old. I say that not to brag, but so that you know I am qualified to offer some helpful tips.

#1 most important tip.
If you fall behind by a whole book SKIP THAT BOOK! Pick up with the schedule again, and keep going. I and II Chronicles, or Isaiah, or whatever, does not look nearly as daunting if you have already read the whole rest of the Bible, and only have that left. Read whatever you skipped the next year, and then, instead of never reading your Bible through, you read it through in two years.

#2 Each time you finish a chapter in your Bible, make a small light check mark by that chapter in your Bible. When you finish a whole book, put a check mark by that book in the table of contents. That way, even if it takes you three or four years, you will know when you have read every word. There in nothing magical about reading the whole Bible in one year. The point is to read God's Words to you. If it takes you FOUR years, God will be just as pleased and delighted with you. He loves you. He wants you to know what He has said. THAT is what is important. never let the "one year" thing make you lose sight of the real goal. To know and trust God more.

I have lots more tips. If you are interested I will share more. If you are not, I will just be quiet and let you write your own blog! :)

karen b said...

i've read the whole thing in a year using The Daily Bible. it's divided into 365 daily segments and is also in chronoligical order, which is interesting.

ashley has the 90-day Bible, so i'm thinking about trying this program with you...

Keowdie said...

Dear Smockity,

Thank you for posting this. I am fascinated by this idea of reading the ENTIRE Bible in 90 days. It's a wholly foreign idea to me. You see, I have been reading the Bible for 9 YEARS. And I am only in Ezekiel. I am in desperate need of someone to light a fire under my... well, um, my you-know-what.

I will definitely be signing up and doing my daily readings. Thanks again!

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