Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Handmade Christmas Gifts

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These simple handmade Christmas gifts have always been the ones my children get most excited about each year. Every year since I had only 2 small toddlers, I have been making matching Christmas pajamas that are to be unwrapped and worn to bed on Christmas Eve.

(Christmas '07)

(Christmas '08)

I had wondered if my 13 year old son might be getting a little too "mature" for such a simple gift, but just the other day he said, "Don't you think you had better get started on our Christmas pajamas if they are going to be done in time?"

I take that to mean he still likes them and I had better get busy!

Here is another handmade gift that I enjoyed making last year. I made these super simple and simply scrumptious lotion bars for gifts AND found these perfect little tins to put them in!

Handmade Christmas gifts are always fun for the giver and appreciated by the receiver. Why not try some this year?

Be sure to check out some of my other Christmas craft projects!

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rachel said...

Oh, my goodness! Making little olive penguins! sewing matching pajamas! Making homemade soap! And pregnant!

You go, girl!!

Milehimama said...

I love those lotion bars! I've never seen anything like it before. I've got to try it!

Jennifer said...

"I'm all about the simple little gifts...I'll just whip up 7 pairs of matching pjs..." You are amazing. Even the thought of making just ONE PAIR of pjs seems like a huge endeavor to me. But they look wonderful...you'd better get started sewing!

laura said...

we BUY pajamas every year, and the more kids we have... it's getting REALLY expensive!! do you use a pattern for your pajamas? i've thought about making our, but i'm a remedial sewer, at best. maybe i should just make matching pants and buy some t-shirts to match... hmmmm... you've given me lots of fun stuff to think about!!

Jelli Bean said...

I'm 25 and my mother still sends me Christmas PJ pants that she makes. It's really special to receive homemade gifts, and even if your 13 year old is a little apprehensive about it, be sure that the hoiday memories you are creating will stick with him for years to come.

The Ties that Bind Us said...

I'm posting about frugal hand made gift-giving this year on my blog. Stop on by http://www.2008jessetree.blogspot.com

*Mirage* said...

I am not very good at sewing but I really want to start doing this too!

Jenny said...

That's a really good idea. I'm not to great at handcrafted stuff. All my projects look like a rainbow threw up. LOL If I was any good with that stuff though I would totally do it.

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

Just put our first batch of lotion bars in the fridge to cool. I used Wilton silicone baking pans for molds. Melting the beeswax took longer than I thought it would, but everything melted together makes a fragrant, amber-colored liquid that easily pours into the mold. The kids and I scraped up the "drips" and gave ourselves a little lotion treat. It really does soak right into the skin, leaving it feeling soft, not greasy.

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