Thursday, December 3, 2009

Got Questions? Get Your Answers Here

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Do you have any questions that you have been dying to ask me? Questions about life in a large family? Or frugal living? Or why in tarnation anyone would try to wear restrictive undergarments at 3 weeks postpartum?

I'm ready. I can take it.

Give it your best shot and I promise to wrap up all the questions I feel like answering in a nice, neat post.

Go ahead. You know you want to.

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*Mirage* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Call me super-duper cynical, but I think that was a "come look at my blog" attempt.

Harmony said...

(Anonymous, I've seen many bloggers do this same thing. I don't think the cynicism is deserved here. JMHO)

My question is similar to Mirage's. Pearl Will. Not. Sleep. unless I'm holding her (she wakes up and starts crying just as soon as I lay her down - and I keep trying to do it, just in case it works some sweet day), so I can't really get chores done while she's sleeping. I can't nurse and do housework because I'm not that talented and coordinated (ask my husband, he'll tell you I'm a walking disaster). And when she's awake and not nursing, she is either crying or rolling around the house and getting into everything in sight. Right now almost all housework is done after my husband gets home when he can watch her (or else he helps with chores) - but it really cuts down on family time when I'm spending all evening doing laundry, cleaning the bedroom, or he's doing dishes.

How do you get housework done with a baby attached to you all day? Is this typical baby behavior? Will my next baby be like this? And if so, how will I survive it?? And the most pressing question of all: can I get my house clean by the time my MIL arrives for Christmas? ;-)

Phillips Family said...

What is your daily schedule like? I want to know how you fit in home schooling, blogging, and life in one day.

Good idea for a post!

*Mirage* said...

Okay wow Annonymous that hurt my feelings! :( I think anyone here who has wanted to see my blog has already seen it. Drawing traffic to my blog was the last thing on my mind when I posted that and what I asked doesn't really have much to do with what I blog about except that I blog about my kids. What was on my mind was exactly what I said: I'm stressing over not getting anything done - please tell me it gets better.

So now I feel like I should delete my prior comment. If it just looks like a ploy to draw traffic (which I swear to God it's not) then I don't want it posted.

Amy said...

Yes! Of course I have questions!

But in the same way I can never remember that really funny joke I heard recently when everyone is telling jokes, I can't think of one thing I might have wanted to ask you now that I've been given the opportunity.

Figures. I'll get back with you later on that one. :)

The Lockwood Family said...

When are you coming to visit?
Since my children all already have passports, can I come visit you?
Can we have a big slumber party?
Can we have lots of candy on hand too?

Anonymous said...

Yeah that did sort of stink didn't it? I'm sorry Mirage. My comment was un-called for. I don't know why I read your post that way. But I shouldn't have assumed negative intent like that. I'm sorry I made you feel bad esp. since you were just looking for advice. :( Sorry, again.

Sheila said...

Lockwood Family (Jaynee :)),
If ya'll have a slumber party with Smockity, I wanna come, too!!! :)
I'm with Amy. If I get beyond newborn-foggy-brain I'll post a burning question!

rachel said...

Yes, I do have a question! Thank you for asking! When you have your evening out with one of your children, do you set limits on how far you will drive to the restaurant or stores? How much they get to spend? Do they spend their own money if they want something or do you buy them something? My children have a knack of making the simplest thing soo complicated and copying your guidelines will save my brain cells for something else!

Smockity Frocks said...

Thank you, ladies, for your question! Mirage, I always welcome your comments here anytime! I am away from home for a few days and without internet (except at the coffee shop), but I'll be back shortly!

Keep 'em coming!

Shari said...

No question! Just stopping by to tell you that I appreciate you and your blog! :o)

Lisa said...

I have a few questions that I've been dying to ask. What games or learning activities do you find are good to do with young children - aged 18 months to 3 years? Do you have any tips for feeding multiple children of different ages? Does everyone have to eat everything off their plate at dinner or do they just serve themselves what they want out of large dishes? Is there any way to encourage my 14 month old baby to begin to feed hereself? I spend a lot of time sitting with her encouraging her to eat and feeding her from a spoon. What ways do your older children help to look after or even teach your younger children? I would also like to know about your daily shcedule (but I know someone else already asked that). Finally, do you have any tips for curling hair? My hair is straight with a slight kink if I don't blow dry it but I would like loose curls that stay in all day. Any ideas?

Thanks so much for offering this chance to ask. I hope my questions weren't too random.

Anonymous said...

My friend Smockity I have a question also. With all of your children how do you find the opportunity to have some togetherness time with your hubby? Do you guys have an activity/hobby you like to do together without the kids. With just my two I find it hard to have quality time with mine and we really can't afford to hire a babysitter. I guess what I am asking is there times when you tell the children Mom and Dad are going to spend some time together you go find something else to do. I know it will get easier as the boys get older but I would like to have some time other than when they go to bed with my dh.

Also, How do you complete your knitting projects with kids around? I still haven't finished anything!
Hope you are having fun.


Cheryl said...

If it's too personal just ignore me,I'm nosy ::

What's the biggest change to your body after almost 8 kids?

When/Why did you start blogging?

How often do you forget/mix up your kids' names?

*Mirage* said...

Thank you Annonymous. I do appreciate that. No hard feelings.

Milehimama said...

I have a question from one big family to another: toothbrushes. The bane of my existence.
IF I can actually get 7 different toothbrushes so that they don't get mixed up... someone is always missing one or forgetting or dropping it on the bathroom floor and then it's stepped on...
Seriously, I've resorted to buying a bushel of extras at the dollar store.

How do you keep your toothbrushes in line (not talking about storage - the USAGE is where it falls apart, LOL!)

alice.mcdaniel said...

Here's a random one:

Assuming what's done is done and you can't say "Don't do a reality TV show" or "Be nicer to your husband," what would you tell Kate Gosselin if you were asked to give her advice?

Leslie said...

What do you do about whining? It's my ultimate hot button and drives me crazy! My 20mo-old has already begun and with another here soon, and Lord willing many more to come, I have got to get a hold on this...

Anonymous said...

I have 4 children and live in a 3 bedroom ranch home with a basement...we pray that the Lord blesses us with more children either biologically or through adoption. My question is how big is your house to accomadate 8 children? I ask this with all sincerity...I struggle with this because we like our house but feel guilty putting our kids "down in the dungeon" as we have had our "friends" tell us that is what we would be doing...Other than buying a new house which is not afforadable right now, I just wondered if you had thoughts & suggestions as to handle this wonderful dilemma with large families. Love your blog! I always smile when reading it!~DIANA

Sharon said...

This has nothing to do with a big family, but I like the way you think and solve child problems (I lurk a lot and post very little). How do you deal with food? I HATE the idea of food bargaining (eat this and you can have that), but I find myself doing it recently. Whats up? Why doesn't my little guy (almost 3) eat real foods, and why do I feel the need to do the one thing I hate to get him to do it. I'm sure this isn't even an option in big families. So, I'm curious about your thoughts.
Also people talk about making two or three dinners every night (again I'm sure this isn't an option for you), I guess I end up doing that a lot. I think I'm sure he won't eat this so I'll make a sandwich for him.
So, what do you do? What do your dinners look like?

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