Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Recipes

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Since the big day is right around the corner, I thought I'd round up all the Thanksgiving recipes I've posted and put them here in one place.

You'll never find a simpler way to prepare the most delicious turkey ever, and turkeys are $.33/lb at Walmart right now!

Some of my children actually request this sweet potato casserole recipe for birthday dinners throughout the year.

And you know what makes it really frugal? When an 18 wheeler carrying a truck load of them overturns on the interstate and the trucking company is owned by a member of the church, so an email goes out that there is a ton (literally) of sweet potatoes that are in good condition, but can not be sold, and anyone who wants them can have them.

That means we have a lot of sweet potato casserole in our future and no one at our house minds that one bit!

Here is my super simple homemade pie crust recipe. It never fails to make a light and flaky crust. We'll be using it to make a few pecan pies with the free pecan bounty we have every year about this time.

Check out Money Saving Mom's Thanksgiving on a Budget and  Life as Mom's Frugal Friday for more ideas and recipes. And be sure to look at Amy's Finer Things to see what fine things everyone is enjoying.

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Cascia said...

What a deal for Turkeys!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

I don't know yet if I have to bake the turkey (hubby's family doesn't plan ahead real well) but if I do, I'll be brining it for the first time ever!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi there~
Did I tell you I'm having a Thanksgiving Giveaway?

I will be giving one blessed person a Pumpkin Scone recipe dish towel...made of linin~

The giveaway end Sunday Nov 22. so hurry over!


heartnsoulcooking said...

What a GREAT!!! deal on your turkey. YUMMY!!! sweet potato casserole and homemade pies. A Thanksgiving meal filled with WONDERFUL!!! eats.

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

You are my Thanksgiving Sunshine. Thanks for the recipe hookups!

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