Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Girls Night Out: Part Duex

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It's that time again. Time for a special date with Mommy. This month it was time for the nine year old to plan the festivities.

The first order of business on her agenda was to visit the town square and do some window shopping in the cute little shops there. We also each picked up an ice cream cone at an old fashioned soda shop on the corner.  BEFORE DINNER!  You only live once, right?

Next, we hit the bowling alley for her first ever experience bowling.

After, finding a ball she felt comfortable with, she perfected her style to this:

And ended up with a lot of these:

Gutter balls.

I was afraid she wasn't enjoying herself because she didn't knock down more than 10 pins the entire evening, but she later said the bowling was her favorite part.

We ended the night at a world renown restaurant that my sweet girl has been longing to experience just once in her young life.  She has heard many a tale of the delicacies at this internationally known eatery and has been planning for many months to have her special night end here.

The best part about International House of Pancakes is that we found when we got there kids eat free for dinner and can order anything on the kids' menu! Score! (I couldn't find this info on the website, so you might want to contact your local IHOP if you plan on getting this deal.)

On the way to and fro, we saw an absolutely beautiful sunset and then a gorgeous full moon. We talked about how marvelous God is to give us such magnificent things to enjoy.

Which was my favorite part.

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AF Wife99 said...

What a great night out! Gotta love IHOP when the kiddos can eat for free. That is a wonderful idea- I applaud you for taking the time to make each child feel special.

Karin Katherine said...

I think its great that you take time to spend with your children individually. I want to start doing this as well. Thanks for the inspiring reminder.

Jennifer said...

Well age doesn't necessarily mean skill because I am 22 and I have been known to get gutter balls with the bumpers on! :-)

Cop Mama said...

What a nice "Girls Night Out." That's something she will always remember...ok, maybe not the gutter ball :-)

Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

What a fun night! Bowling, ice cream and doesn't get much better than that.

Amy said...

What a great night! Bowling and IHOP sounds like fun to me, too! Except for the shoes. I have a thing about the bowling shoes. :)

I am blessed! said...

How fun! I really do want to try this sometime. What precious memories you are making!

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