Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Managing Multiple Homeschool Schedules

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Managing multiple homeschool schedules can be tricky even on a good day.

I am guest blogging at Life As Mom about how I manage. Hop on over there to check it out.


Miche said...

That is genius. I love it! I am going to start trying out the home school "thing" with my preschooler here soon (as soon as I figure out what we are going to do when and make a plan for the days ahead) and see how I might like/handle home schooling.

Holly said...

Connie, I love this. Great idea! I'd love to see your schedule up close if you get a chance...what's on the bottom half of it?

What do you do if a child finishes their work early for an allotted time?

Thanks for sharing this!

The Eclectic Dabbler said...

I wanted to send you an e-mail . . . but couldn't find your e-mail address. So here is my lonnnng question!
I am not yet homeschooling (someday soon!) but looking for advice on how to balance schedules of preschoolers/toddlers/babies of differing ages and abilities. . . I'm sure you've been there!
This fall I'm trying to do better with a schedule with my kids: My daughter will be 3 in December, my son is 16-months old and our 3rd is due in March. (My last pregnancy involved bedrest, ending in a preterm delivery at 32 weeks, followed by 23 days in the NICU . . . so I'm trying to get organized, not knowing if we're looking at bedrest again or another preemie, or even just adjusting to a new baby with a normal birth!)
Anyway, my struggle:
How to plan a schedule that keeps both kids occupied at the same time? How much time to play together? and how much time separate? How much time do I need to be playing "with" them? and how much time can I reasonably try to maybe wash dishes, fold laundry, etc. and expect them to behave and play nicely together. :-)
My daughter is almost 3. She loves playdoh, learning her letters and Bible verses, reading books with mom or sitting looking at them by herself, water paint, singing at the piano or with CDs, going to the park, riding tricycles, doing puzzles, etc. She's a great helper, and she has little "jobs" like putting away silverware in the dishwasher, setting out sippy cups and plastic plates for the kids' meals, folding & putting away her underwear and the washcloths. If she were the only child, we would have a grand time!
Then there is my son: I love him! but this boy has the attention span of a flea. ;-) He has no interest in books or anything involving sitting still. He is too too young for playdoh, painting, puzzles, even singing at the piano lasts only 1/2 a minute. He wants to do everything his sister does (for a minute anyway!), but he loves action and is happiest climbing the playground or going to the zoo. He is transitioning from two naps to one (which makes it difficult, because previously I could spend one-on-one time with my daughter--reading, Bible time, etc.--during his 1st nap.) If he were my only child, we would probably be on walks half the day or going to the park.
So my struggle is keeping them both occupied at the same time. By naptime, I am exhausted from pregnancy and want to nap too. But obviously I have to keep up on the house too . . .
Any advice on keeping both occupied at their differing abilities? Any advice on balancing time with kids and time to do housework?

Smockity Frocks said...

Holly and Eclectic D,

I am planning a response to your questions. I just haven't had time to type all my thoughts out, but I'll get to it, Lord willing.

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