Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Encouragement For a Friend

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My friend, Nikki, had her twins, but she is not doing well at all.

She is asking for prayers and I'll just bet she would love to see encouraging comments, too.


Ticia said...

Twins are such a wonderfully fun challenge. I loved every minute of my boys being little.
Those first few months are hard, but imagine the joys you will have. There is always a playmate there to have fun with, and so much that you can do.

Honey said...

Hang in there! I had 5 children in 2.5 years. My son was first. Then girl twins were born when he was just over a year. Then boy twins when he was 2.5 (and the girls twins were 1.) Yeah, I was in my pajamas for months. But the Lord helped me greatly and He can help you, too. Try to keep you expectations low. Just focus on getting people fed and clothed in semi-clean attire. Much grace to you!

Anonymous said...

I have twin boys, age 6 now but I will tell you what I tell all prospective or new parents of twins: If you survive the first year, you've got it made! There's not enough money on earth for me to do the first year over again, but I was grieving over losing my best friend a month before they were born. Yes, they are cute, yes, they are sweet...but they also don't sleep much, so neither do you! I do promise it will get better...every month that goes by it will get easier. When you think that you will never wear another outfit without spit-up on it, I promise you will. I've been there & just hang in there, you can do it! One more thing...if someone you trust offers to babysit & let you have some alone time...TAKE IT! Don't feel guilty to still be you! EVERY Mommy needs a "Mommy Break!".

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