Friday, June 5, 2009

URGENT! Veto Needed!

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I just called my governor and voiced concern about my fourth amendment rights being violated. (It was completely painless and took no more than one minute.)

Here is why (from an email in my inbox):

In a special session this past weekend, both houses of the Texas Legislature voted to pass Senate Bill 1440, which allows state officials to bypass constitutional processes when conducting an investigation of child abuse or neglect. If it passes, it would give a court the authority to order access to a child and his or her records on the basis of an affidavit and without prior notice or a hearing.

The bill is now on Governor Rick Perry's desk awaiting a signature, and he needs to hear that Texas residents do not want S.B. 1440 to become law!

ACTION REQUESTED Call Governor Perry's office at 800-252-9600, and ask him to veto Senate Bill 1440 because it violates Texas citizens' constitutional rights.

Are you wondering what this has to do with you?

This bill "affects everyone who thinks that allowing CPS workers to show up at your front door and remove your children from your home without probable cause, without a warrant, without any evidence besides an anonymous tip that somebody heard a child yelling in the back yard (no, seriously, CPS investigations have been conducted for no more than that), isn't really the best idea in the world." From Anonymous Tips and Child Abuse(Emphasis mine.)

"ALL FAMILIES ARE AFFECTED and your 4th amendment rights are in question. Everyone in Texas is just an anonymous false report phone call away from a CPS investigation. " (from Parent Guidance Center)

Even if you are not in Texas, please, call. This will set a national precedent if the governor does not veto this bill.

More info:

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Nikki said...

Ugh! Thanks for this post. I'll act on it immediately.

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