Friday, June 5, 2009

National Doughnut Day

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Today is National Doughnut Day.

What? You didn't know that? You really should keep up with current events, you know. These things are important!

Never mind feeling out of the loop. That's why I'm here. You just leave it to Smockity to keep you informed of up to the minute world headlines.

By the way, another vaccine is being urged for ALL CHILDREN! I'm stunned. I wonder which company will be making million dollar profits off of this one.

But back to the doughnuts!

MaddieLynn found the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Copycat Recipe online and we got busy.

The prep time is 2 hours because of the rising, but they are so worth the wait!

Here is the first batch.

After flipping.

My son devised this double layer rack for draining and glazing.

Chocolate Frosting

I had to force myself to eat only one, otherwise I would have eaten fourteen.


RaisingOlives said...

That's it we are leaving right now and will be there for breakfast. Oh we'll have four additional kids with us for a total of 15, better start another batch of doughnuts.

I wish that I could write half as well as you. You are so funny, every. single. post.


Kim said...

Oh. Have. Mercy.

Mommy Cracked said...

Those look divine! I have always wanted to give donut making a try...I don't know what's stopping me.

Pat's Place said...

Yum! I remember making those for my boys. That was back when I did not put on a pound just LOOKING at a donut!

Kara said...

Oh these look good...butI don't think I'm going to show them to my kids just yet. I am still scrubbing the kitchen floor from the mess that was made when they decided to make apple pie on their own yesterday:)

Jenn said...

we made these with our japanese exchange student and had a blast! AND they were deeeelish!

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