Saturday, June 13, 2009

There's a New Kid in Town

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Our neighborhood has a LOT of deer, and since there are plenty of wooded areas and a prohibition against firing weapons, the deer roam freely.

We often see them on our street and even in our neighbor's yard.

Recently we have seen several tiny baby fawns and have "ooh"ed and "aah"ed over them wishing we could get a closer look.

That's why we were thrilled when we found out that some friends of ours rescued twin fawns that were trapped in a pond with steep banks on the golf course. They placed the fawns in a shaded area near the pond and waited for the mother to come for them.

The mother did come back, but would only nurse one of the fawns and eventually led it into the woods, leaving the weaker one behind.

The friends took the little fawn home and contacted an animal rescue shelter only to find out that they were caring for four baby fawns already and absolutely could not take another one. They gave detailed instructions about how to care for the fawn and our friends ran to town to buy baby bottles and goat milk.

We went over today to visit their new baby and the kids fell in love with it.

It was the sweetest thing! We can't wait to watch it grow and set out on its own.


Kris said...


Kara said...

How exciting you all get to watch it grow. Scott's Dad pretty much raises the herd of deer that live on their block in Austin. I don't think the momma's have ever abandoned any though and she's had lots of twins. I'm so glad your friends were there:)

jennifer said...

The deer looked fake in the first picture!! Too cute! What an exciting experience for the kiddos!

Pat's Place said...

It is so cute! We love the deer that come to our house. My husband now has one he calls "The Pet" because she literally follows him around the front yard when he is out there. We have named a number of our deer and they are special to us. Yesterday I walked through the living room and Bossy Mama (the leader of the herd) was standing at our picture window with her nose pressed against the glass--looking for someone to put out food and water for her.

Amy said...

Wow!! How fun and sweet!

Jenn said...


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