Friday, June 12, 2009

House Guest

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We have a new little friend here at Smockityville.

Every evening this little fella shows up at our back door and waits patiently for the kids to come out and feed him June bugs.

He is a very good house guest - always cleaning up his messes, arriving promptly when expected, and never overstaying his welcome.

Bye, little fella. See you tomorrow.

In other news, the seven year old has been taking more photos. I thought these were pretty good.

This one isn't even cropped. It's straight out of the camera. EYE see you!


Nikki said...

Cute photos. I love the freckles. The house guest though . . . ew.

Kris said...

How funny. We love toads, around here...along with just about any other living creature excluding most insects and arachnids. ;-)

Great pictures by the 7 yr old.

Amy said...

We caught some toads and made little toad houses for them in our garden, hoping they would stay and eat bad garden bugs. I guess they didn't like the accomodations - we haven't seen them since!

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