Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Was Born in the Dark, But it Wasn't Last Night

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Did you read about the girl who said she asked for three little star tattoos on her forehead and "woke up" to find the whole side of her face covered in stars?

It turns out she confessed to asking for all of the tattoos and not really falling asleep after all. She just made that up.


She totally had me with that whole "I fell asleep while my face was being tattooed" story, too!

In related news, I also believe the three year old "forgot" she needed to tee tee in the potty and the five year old "didn't hear" me tell her not to get any more Cheetos.


Kris said...

I saw that one the news tonight. Yikes! I didn't catch her age, but I was totally thinking that some form of parental consent should have been required there. I mean, I had some BIG hair and some crazy makeup when I was a teen and I'm sure glad neither of them were permanent!

Anonymous said...

That story was hilarious! I have two tattoos..and I couldn't fall asleep during one of them anymore than I could during unmedicated childbirth...
Yeah. Excellent use of news media too. Really. =P

Brenda said...

Oh how I am regretting clicking that link. I could have lived a long time without seeing that girl's face (it's tragic!!!!) and the TATOO ARTIST!!!!! I could have lived a really long time without seeing him. In all fairness, if he was working that close to my face, I would have closed my eyes for a few minutes too!

Kara said...

Seriously, what are people thinking!! But I swear we've raised a whole generation of kids that have no problem stretching the truth...you know it depends on what the definition of "is" is mentality.

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