Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Smockity, the Skeptic

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In my last post, I hinted at the fact that I find it hard to believe shady stories.

Whenever those Primetime-Dateline-20/20 type shows feature a wife who has gone missing and an attractive husband who has recently taken up body building and spending time at tanning salons and who tearfully announces that he has absolutely no clue whatsoever as to the whereabouts of his dearly beloved, and if anyone out there is holding her hostage, please release her unharmed because, (voice breaking) sniff... dramatic pause... I need her, do you know what my instinctive first thought is?

Shyeah, riiiiight!

And then I gather the all the compassion I can muster and do you know what my next thought is?

He SO did it! Look at that tan and those hair plugs! That is exactly the type of man who would do something sinister and then fake being a total wreck about the mysterious disappearance of his darling bride.

That's why when the story first broke about the missing South Carolina governor needing some time away to clear his mind and hike an Appalachian trail, I was all, "Riiiiight. Hiking to clear his mind. Mmmhmmmm... I'm thinking that's code for 'stealing away with his mistress on a private island.'"

And sure enough, what should be revealed today?

What?! What's that, Governor? You have been unfaithful to your wife?

Why, I never suspected a thing AT ALL what with that totally believable story about the hiking and the nature and never mind that it was Father's Day and your wife and 4 young sons had no knowledge of your whereabouts.

Because I get Argentina and Appalachia mixed up all the time, myself, and who can keep up with whenever Father's Day rolls around? I mean, it's not like it's heavily publicized by Hallmark or Bass Pro Shops or anything. Who can blame you for the mix up?

And by the way, I TOTALLY believe those tears were real and all that talk about being sorry completely made up for the times you called your mistress your "dear, dear friend".

So, in summary, I'm a skeptic.

If you have a seemingly unbelievable story... I prolly don't believe it.

(And speaking of unbelievable, did you read about this blogger who scammed her readers into believing she was expecting a baby with a severe birth defect? She apologized and pinky swore she didn't profit from her scam, but guess what. I DON'T BELIEVE IT!)

How about you? How easy do you find it to believe outlandish stories?


Shari said...

I am with you on this. I am a skeptic on just about anything the news speaks about or announces. They are left-winged who don't care about much except their paychecks and could care less who they hurt or what lies they tell. How about that run on sentence? Ha!

Cardamom said...

I'm the same - I love the way you wrote this! Shyeah! :-) Recently I mentioned to some friends that's all that's going on in the news with everything is just a bunch of fear-mongering. I said just wait and see what they'll try to introduce after making us afraid to breathe! Great post!

RaisingOlives said...

I tend to trust people and be a bit on the naive side. Hmmm!

On the other hand, no one has sold be a bridge, yet!


Kara said...

I'm the same. That press conference withthe governor was crazy. Seriously, what was he thinking? I think the tears were more about having to stand up and front of the media of all people and ask for forgiveness. Hmm, wonder if he asked that from his wife and kids. And I'm sorry but didn't he mention several times he'd let his mistriss down...should she even be mentioned when his family is sitting at home crushed...just saying!

Smockity Frocks said...

Kara, I thought the same thing. He seemed to give more respect to his mistress and the friends who have stood by him than his own wife!

rachel said...

I sure don't believe everything either. I never did buy into the whole hoopla about swine flu and another thing that I get so tired of is the big fuss about sunscreen. People have been benefiting from sunlight for 6,000 years. Why is it suddenly bad for us? It is just something else to spend money on, it is full of cancer-causing chemicals, and not getting enough sun actually causes cancer, so of course that keeps the pharmaceutical companies, doctors and hospitals going. It is job security. (got my most recent info from the book, Liberation Diet)
This is just an example of two things that seem so off to me. I don't automatically do the PC thing anymore.

Leilaht said...

OOOh! OOOH! I know the answer to why sunlight is bad for us all of a sudden. It is the transfats! They can't be digested and used by our bodies, so they sit in your bloodstream. The heat from the sun cooks your skin. I am a skeptic too. The media is way left and all about freaks and sex. Look at the way Michael Jackson's death is dominating the news, but not one word about Farrah Fawcett.

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