Saturday, May 9, 2009

Home School Book Fair

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I'm headed to the Home School Book Fair today with my oldest two children.

They are excited to hear the author of Hank the Cowdog and I am excited to meet a few bloggity friends in real life for the first time. (Don't worry. I'll be packing a stun gun in my purse in case any of them is actually a burly ex convict who stalks mommy blogs and attends homeschool bookfairs.)

I hope to meet Heather, Renae, and Jenefer. (Don't be afraid, girls. Just don't make any sudden movements and you'll be fine.) Hopefully I'll be able to talk some perfect stranger into taking our pictures.

Check back soon for photos!

P.S. I do believe that is the most links I have ever put in one single post!
P.P.S. Oh, lighten up! I am kidding about the stun gun. It's a staple gun.


Renae said...

Oh, whew. I'm glad I kept my distance until you could check me out then. ;)

I so enjoyed meeting you, just wish we'd had more time to visit.

JessicaC said...

We did that today too, but unless you travelled to PA, we probably weren't at the same one...

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