Saturday, May 9, 2009

Home School Book Fair Pictures

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We made it to the Home School Book Fair and almost as soon as we walked into the convention hall, I spotted Heather. She is GORGEOUS and also happens to be just as sweet as peach pie.

Then, I made a bee line for the Rosetta Stone booth because I knew from my stealthy stalking tactics that Jenefer would be there. I saw the booth, but no Jenefer, so we walked around for a while and came back. Hmmm... still no Jenefer. We decided they must be gone for a lengthy lunch break and we came back later, but she STILL wasn't there. I finally inquired at a nearby booth and was told that there were several vendors selling Rosetta Stone, but the actual booth was over yonder.

So I sprinted over yonder and finally met JenIg! She is exactly as funny and sweet in person as she is on her blog. I was surprised that she has a Cali-fornee accent, but love covers a multitude of sins and I forgave her for that right off.

Next, I rounded a corner and I was all, "OHMYWORDTHEREISCLEMNTINE!" She was chatting with someone else, so I decided to play it cool, and by play it cool, I mean do the Funky Chicken.

Fortunately, that didn't send her running for the exit and she responded right friendly like when I accosted approached her.

Next, I found Renae. This photo was taken right after I told her I am one of those professional bloggers who expects to be taken seriously.

Here we are all together. Look at Heather's precious papoose!

We were excited to meet John Erickson, author of Hank the Cowdog. He was very nice to sign some books and CD's and pose for a picture.

Here is a photo my darling daughter took that she claims documents me picking my nose. I WAS SCRATCHING IT!

We had to dash off, although I would have LOVED to stay and visit with my new found friends longer.

I miss you, New Found Friends. Don't ever change.


dianne - bunny trails said...

Color me super jealous!! You got to meet my bloggy pals Heather & Renae!! AND John Erickson - totally cool!! We've read his books and listened to his tapes/CDs for years. Love them! Thanks for sharing! :D

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

SO happy to have met all of you! It was a great day, and I got a lot of great ideas for our homeschool, as well as for our state convention. By far the best part was putting faces to some of my favorite blog and twitter friends!

Amy said...

Wow! So fun! I wish I would have been there. I would have been the one with the awe-struck look on her face, totally giving me away as a first-timer. ;)

JenIG said...

I was so excited to meet you! That was very fun. But you were supposed to send me that picture! Can you email it to me? I want to facebook it.

karen b said...

i just told andrew that jackson got to meet the author of hank the cowdog.
first reaction: "luckeeee"
second reaction: "tell him i am very jealous"
can we pretend to be homeschoolers and sneak in with you guys next time?
happy mom's day!!

Brenda said...

Well, I don't know how much curriculum you found, but you sure were good at finding bloggers!!! :)

Sprittibee said...

Man, I look even more run-over-by-steam-rollers than I had imagined. You might as well pull a toe tag out of your purse to stick on me, girl! However, I was so thrilled to meet you all, even if it was a huge shock that I looked like a wicked witch with a baby slung over her shoulder to put in a stew. I think I would have spent more time with you if I hadn't been in the nursing room like. all. day. long.

The highlight of my convention was meeting you all. I was so upset that I didn't get to meet JenIG. :( I also enjoyed the 15 minutes I got to hear Family Man. My daughter tells me the rest of his talk was really good and "I should have heard it". She came away with this fact from his book (which I'm not so sure is all truth): We shouldn't be worried about keeping the house clean. LOL

Can't wait to see you again! We need to plan a central meet-up (like maybe Austin?) Cuz I know a few Houston Bloggers who would love to get together with all of you, too! Would be neat to have us all in one location and without another 'convention' to distract us from pulling out the laptops and really talkin' shop! :)

Sprittibee said...

Here's my article:

Texas Homeschool Book Fair: A Photo Essay... by Sprittibee

Darcy @ lwm3b said...

This post so cracked me up!

I would have loved to be there. I had a blast last month meeting 'imaginary friends'. Maybe next year I'll do the TX circuit!

What fun to meet IRL!

Holly said...

Oh, man! SOOOO lucky! :) You look so pretty, Connie...and so do all of the other ladies!

Nicki said...

Hey...I know that book fair! That's the same one I go to. Now I wil be stalking YOU. BwaHahahahahahahaha!

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