Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Word About Comments

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I love to get comments on my blog posts. It's interesting to see what perspective others have on my ramblings, and I appreciate the time y'all take to let me know.

And you know what else is interesting? WHEN THE COMMENTS ACTUALLY PERTAIN TO THE POST! And by "pertain" I mean have anything remotely to do with the words I have typed.

I would even consider a comment to be pertinent if it is related in any way to any of the 769 posts I have written in the past 27 months, which, by the way, does not include money our government has or has not paid to the nation of Israel.

And also?

If you are going to leave a comment that starts out, "Neat blog," and then proceeds to be an advertisement for your li'l internet bidness, it would be lovely if you knew what my "neat blog" was even about. When you write, "If you have ever written a post about saving money..." I'm guessing you haven't noticed that I have an entire category in my archives with "Frugal" in the title.

To sum up: If you notice that a comment has been deleted, it may be because

  • *It had nothing to do with anything at all relating to Smockity or Frocks.
  • *It was a lengthy exposition about how the U.S. relates to the nation of Israel.
  • *All of the above.

Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed flying with Smockity Frocks.


Kris said...

My favorite thing about comments has to be the fact that people who want to slam you for something are never strong enough in their personal convictions to leave an actual name.

Either that or this guy by the name of Anonymous really gets around.

I did have a total stranger leave me a comment yesterday telling me how much they loved me...and how much they loved their own blog, which they hyper-linked for my convenience.

KingsLittleBlessings said...

That's funny. And I love your sense of humor! Sounds like me in my head, but with a Southern accent! :)
I'm always so nervous to leave comments for fear that I'll just plain sound stupid, so I read them more than I comment, sorry! But thanks a lot for your blog!

Mindee@oufrontdoor said...

I guess that's a sign that your blog has made the big time??

Just trying to find the bright side here . . . :)

Pat's Place said...

You must be getting some really "interesting" comments! So far I have not had much problem with comments--just with lifting my blog posts and putting them on their own blog. Strange world--this blogging world!

Mommy Cracked said...

I get these often and they are so annoying.

karen b said...

are you going to make us start doing a word verification thingy?

Kara said...

Hilarious!! One week I noticed someone had complimented me on my blog, asking me to check her out...I felt flattered until I saw that same comment on everyone's blog I visited that day!!

Erin said...

Um, I've got takes a lot of time to go through leaving comments on blogs just for the heck of it.

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