Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red Envelope Day

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3rd Update: I just received an email from the U.S.P.S. in response to whether or not a letter without a return address would be destroyed. Included was a long list of items that require return addresses, but a personal letter addressed to the White House was not on that list. I am still waiting to hear from the White House on the matter.

2nd Update: I have requested from the White House website to know whether the practice of destroying mail with no return address is a policy of the post office or a policy of the White House.

**Updated: I just called my post office and was told that any mail without a return address will be destroyed before it gets to the White House, although I couldn't find this requirement anywhere on the White House website. Be sure to include your return address just in case!

Today, March 31 is the day to mail your red envelopes!

Even if you don't mail any envelopes, you can still fast and/or pray for President Obama, and many other pro-abortion advocates to be pricked in the heart for the babies who can not speak for themselves. (Warning: Link contains very disturbing and heartbreaking images.)

Who knows whether a mail carrier or a clerk at the White House may be affected by those empty red envelopes.


Jen said...

The Red Envelope Project website says the envelopes won't be delivered without a return address. I don't know if this is true...anyone?

Jen said...

Btw, I like the "Life begins at conception" v. "responsibility..." I was never comfortable with that last line, so we're putting In Memory of Nicola Dawn aborted April 1973 Never Forgotten.

Smockity Frocks said...

Thank you, Jen. I just called the post office and they confirmed that a return address is needed.

Jen said...

Thank you for confirming this for us!

Nikki said...

ugh. I didn't realize HOW disturbing those images would be. Made me cry.

I like that you mentioned that even if you don't participate in the red envelope project that you can still pray and fast for those people who need a change of heart. That is a very good point. It scares me that someone with such authority is running our country. I pray he makes better choices and does have a change of heart.

Thank you Connie.

Smockity Frocks said...

I'm sorry it made you cry, Nikki.

I was hoping it would affect someone who views abortion as a "choice". I think every one who is pro-abortion should see what that choice looks like.

manystraits said...

Oh, I wish I hadn't looked!! I know what is involved and have seen illustrations and pics before, but seeing that again just broke my heart! I, too, cried!! I can only imagine how Jesus cries for and with each of these sweet babies that endure this terrible practice.

What really gets me is that if the same procedure was performed on ANY animal that there would be HUGE outrage! Why is it acceptable to do this to a human baby?????

Thanks for your persistance on this issue!!

Jen said...

I just spoke to a ex-co-worker of mine from the post office in the small town I used to deliver mail for. I just wanted to (belatedly) let you know that ALL FIRST CLASS MAIL will arrive at the destination of delivery, with OR WITHOUT a return address. This regulation also pertains to any first-class mail addressed to Prez. Obamanation (my families nickname for him).

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