Friday, February 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes

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  1. 1. My children think it's great fun to gather on the trampoline and pretend they are dead to see if they can entice any buzzards to circle overhead. I'm still considering whether to classify this behavior as "bizarre" or just "plain weird".

  2. 2. My chin would greatly appreciate it if whoever keeps using my tweezers to remove splinters would replace them back to their designated place. And that is all I am going to say about that.

  3. 3. I'm all about the positive thinking, but so far, pretending that I'm not sick anymore and thinking rainbow/unicorn thoughts isn't working out for me. (Remember this fun little excursion?) My sinuses and lungs are either completely unaware that I got up this morning singing brightly and even put on makeup for no other reason than to impress them with my commitment to positivity, or they just flat out don't care. I suspect it's the latter.

    Those brats.

  4. 4. I am LOVING the new spelling program I started, Spelling Wisdom. It uses the "6,000 most frequently used words, presented in the writings of great men and women of history."

    Today, for instance, my son copied and studied a quote from Abraham Lincoln. Then, I dictated it to him to see if he could write it without any mistakes, which he did perfectly, just as he has done with his previous spelling lessons this week.

    If you knew how much difficulty he has remembering the correct spelling of lists of words and how many tears and furrowed brows we have gone through to get to this point, you would be giving us a virtual celebratory high five and an added "Boo-Yah" for good measure.
  5. 5. While I know it's likely you don't care as much about professional golf as I do since my husband is a golf pro and yours is probably a banker or a mechanic or a pastor or a pilot in the navy, and we have access to golf news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the Golf Channel, and you probably watch normal things like Lost or American Idol, which we have never even seen before, we thought this new commercial celebrating Tiger Woods' return after an extended leave was hysterical!

    Of course, it could very well be that our entertainment standards are exceedingly low. We do watch the Golf Channel, after all.

    You can watch and decide for yourself.

    Apparently, the Youtube video has been disabled. Try this link and click on "The Good Life" TV Spot. (Thanks, Karen!)

  6. 6. So, does anyone think it is excessive to use an entire bottle of Nyquil in less than a week? I'm planning to give up my habit, which just so happens to come at a convenient time, since I am slap out of it anyway. Can a person become addicted to Nyquil? Because... you know... no reason. Just askin'.

  7. 7. Why is it that sick children seem to have boundless energy, briefly interrupted by sudden, short bouts of lethargy, while sick Mamas have boundless lethargy, briefly interrupted by sudden, short bouts of diaper changes and meal prep? Does this seem fair to you?


Noel said...

I love #2,and that's all I'm going to say about that :)

Anonymous said...

The Golf Channel is on at my husband's restaurant almost every day. Whenever I'm there I change it, and you wouldn't believe the reaction of the customers. Like I just put on the Kicking Puppies Channel. Golf fans are a loyal crowd! I don't mess with them anymore.

karen b said...

we also loved the tiger commercial! in fact, we've watched it more than once online (

Brenda said...

You are cracking me up today!

We have the Golf Channel on ALL THE TIME and my husband is NOT a golf pro.
He's a mechanical designer. Which has nothing to do with golf whatsoever.

But golf does take a lot out of us. I keep wondering when I'm going to see a return on the investment. At least when he was a fisherman, there was meat in the freezer, you know?

I couldn't see the tiger commercial.

Smockity Frocks said...

Brenda, Youtube took the video down for some reason. I linked to it at

Nikki said...

I love this post. hehehe Especially number 2. ahem. And your children and the buzzards got a snort out of me. I could see my kids doing that if we had a normal size trampoline. Awesome news about your son and his spelling/writing. That's really cool!

and in regards to number 7, ugh. I know what you mean. Life's not fair sometimes.

Anonymous said...

The Tiger commercial got a laugh from my husband; he's not a big laugher. :) I have learned to follow golf since I married.

I have three under three. My youngest is a month old today. We've been sick TWICE since she arrived. What is up with that??? So I fine #7 very accurate!


Lafianza.doula said...

I laughed so hard at number 1 and number 7. oh my... that was funn!

Lafianza.doula said...

errr I meant "Funny". it's late. and I'm 1001 months pregnant. so give me a break on the typos!

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