Friday, December 26, 2008

The Christmas Mama's Half-Heimers Flared Up

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We all had a wonderfully blessed Christmas even though I wandered around for the week leading up to the big day with half my brain tied behind my back.

Our week started with being invited over to eat with a neat family from church who apparently don't mind their house being invaded by a Very Large Family. I volunteered to bring homemade bread and two pecan pies, since we have a few pecans around here.

It turns out that if Mama is distracted by all THE NOISE and THE CHILDREN and THE NOISE and she doubles the entire pecan pie recipe except the eggs, then you will end up with a pecan soup pudding in a tender, flaky homemade pie crust, which will look a lot like an eighth grader's first attempt at baking in Home Ec class.

Do they even still teach Home Ec?

The second episode of "What On Earth Was I Thinking" happened when I waited until 10:38 on Christmas Eve to open the Wal Mart Site to Store delivery that I had picked up earlier in the week.

It turns out that there was not a Baby Alive "Learn to Potty" doll in there like I had ordered and like the email confirmation claimed in my inbox and like the shipping summary stated.

There was, instead, a baby doll play set complete with stroller, car seat, and high chair, which I did NOT order. Or want.

Of course, if I had not been afflicted with a crippling case of Half-Heimers, I would have checked the box earlier in the week and returned it for the correct toy. As it was, I was stuck with a bunch of baby doll accessories and NO BABY DOLL!

All was well, anyway, because it turns out that a toy is a toy, and a kid will play happily with a new shiny toy that she suddenly remembered she has wanted all her life if given the opportunity.

After the gifts, I made our traditional Christmas breakfast of Monkey Bread. Only, it's not quite the same when Mama forgets the brown sugar, because then it's just a bunch of buttery biscuit bits stuck together in a bundt pan, and where's the Christmas spirit in that?

Hopefully my brain will soon return to Fully Functional.

In the meantime, the good news is that I got all of Christmas pajamas made in time and they were a big hit.

I made these super simple and simply scrumptious lotion bars for gifts AND found these perfect little tins to put them in!

Also, in "I Can't Believe I Deserve This Kid" news, my 13 year old daughter talked my husband into spending $100 of her own hard earned money to put toward my very own laptop!

And thanks be to God for all my apron and bonnet customers! I was able to pay for nearly every last kid's gift out of my little business account!

We had a very merry Christmas and I hope you did too!

Come back soon for the continuation of my Why Homeschool series.


Holly said...


I forgot the pumpkin in the pumpkin bread.

And spilled the water covering the potatoes all over myself.

And spilled the huge box of pecans...


I can relate. :) Haste makes waste, but what else is an overworked mama to do? :)

The jammies are adorable. Where are the baby's jammies, or shouldn't I ask that? :)

Smockity Frocks said...

Don't ask.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I finally got caught up! The pj's are so cute and I would love to know more about the lotion bars!!!

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