Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gathering Pecans

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**Texican Pronunciation Guide: pecan - /puh CAHN/ not /PEE can/

My husband called from work and said that he had just met a man who had 35 pecan trees on his property and he wasn't going to be gathering any of them. He said we were welcome to come with bags, buckets, and baskets and gather as many as we would like.

Naturally, since I had just spent a small fortune on a little bag of pecans from the store, I started hootin' and hollerin' for the kids to grab their gear and load up.

Piccolina shouted, "Glory to the Lord! Halle-YOO-lah!" Since we are usually not charismatic worshippers, we all stared at her silently for a moment. One at a time, though, and with increasing excitement, we agreed.

When we met my husband at the property, he informed me that I had misunderstood him. There were not 35 pecan trees, but ONE HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE!

The property owner and his wife came out to welcome us and said we were free to come any time and gather as much as we wanted. They told us that there are local pecan buyers in our area, and that we could probably make five to six hundred dollars if we worked diligently!

It was a beautiful fall day and each one of us worked joyfully. Piccolina was singing her made up "Glory to the Lord! Halle-YOO-lah! " song. After we had been gathering a while, two year old was overjoyed to find that "There are NUTS! INSIDE! And they TASTE GOOD!"

This is what we brought home after a little less than an hour. (That's how long we were able to work before someone had to go potty.)

Glory to the Lord! Halle-YOO-lah!


Lockwoods said...

Wow! That's great! When we were up north, my sis n law sent us home with a big bag of walnuts from their neighbors walnut grove. I was sooo excited...until we got home....and the bag was empty...and Daddy was telling every boy who sat in the back seat of the van to get back out there and clean up EVERY SINGLE SHELL!

Oh...and guess what...you won over at the blog awards! :) Congratulations! Oh, I really do wish you lived next door to me. You could never be to noisy for us :)

Harmony said...

I'm sorry to be contentious, Connie, but the 'correct' pronunciation is /PEE can/. At least in Eastern NC, it is. ;-)

Jill said...

Okay - so you make your free pies, and I'll make my free jelly. Wanna trade some?

randi said...

Yesterday I spent $4.00 on a tiny bag of pecans to make a cheesecake. How great to pick some for free!

PS--you won a homeschool blog award. Congrats!

Kris said...

I guess I'll have to post my congratulations here since you didn't immediately do your, "I won! I won!" post like I did. LOL

Congrats on winning the HSB award! You've got a great blog. I added you to my Reader last week...partly because I like your blog and partly to keep an eye on that name thing. ;-)

And, hey, feel free to send some of those Puh Cahn's this way. Yum!

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Exciting news!!! And congrats on the Cyber-buddy award!

We had a charismatic toddler- one day Granny Tea brought everybody new outfits and came to visit. She disappeared to try hers on, and did not come down for a very long time. I went upstairs and found her dressed in ONLY her new underwear, jumping on the bed and singing, "Holly-Loooo-LA, my new unders!"

Jenn said...

i grew up on a "PUH! CAHHHHN" farm. in TEXAS is it is PUH-CAHHN! Texas is bigger than eastern nc, so we win... lol!

sorry... couldn't resist...

we go over to our husbands' mutual friend troy's house and gather puhcahns from his mother's trees. there are PUH-Len-TEEE!!!!

Kara said...

You hit the mother load!!! Hey, you could sell some of those puhcahns to on your blog. I just happen to know a man who bakes pecan pies like crazy around the holidays;)

Six Arrows said...

Hi, found your blog over at MishMash...really enjoying it!

I was just wondering if you have "joyfully" begun shelling your pecans?

We have, I think 3, Pecan Trees on our rental property. We've sent 2 bags home to Cincinnati, made 1 pie, and some Pecan Tarts, and a full basket is still sitting on my bread machine.

My husband also takes them to work, where they just shell em' and eat em'.

Yummy, yes. Time consuming, very. And we all have sore fingers! Please share your shelling plan with us!


Smockity Frocks said...

Kathi, We sold all but one bag. My son is (gradually) shelling those for me.

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